Weather Forecasts For The UK and Worldwide

As you'd expect of one of the leading weather websites in the world, Netweather has a huge range of forecasts for both the UK and right across the world.
Get a local forecast - UK or Worldwide:
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UK Weather Forecasts

UK Weather Forecasts

A whole range of weather forecasts for the UK, including 7, 10 and 14 day local forecasts, national 5 day forecast maps, and video forecasts from Michael Fish.
Travel and Holidays Worldwide
Worldwide weather Weather for world cities, holiday destinations, ski resorts and more.
Long Range
Long range forecasts Long rangers - including seasonal and monthly forecasts.
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Will it.......?
Will it....? Our 'Will it.....?' forecasts do exactly what they say on the tin - if you're wanting an at a glance view of the risk of heavy rain, snow, storms heat, frost or high winds in your area over the next five days, these are for you.
Netweather Extra
Netweather Extra If you're looking for even more detail, and a greater range of forecasts take a look at Netweather Extra our subscription service which takes weather forecasts and info to the next level - making sure you're always totlly up to date.
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