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Recent Posts

Much more classic feeling Storm approaching here, in fact many from different sides.



Eagle Eye
Eagle Eye | 1 Minute Ago

Seems like thunderstorms are organising into separate storms. Will be tough for those that miss in-between. On the models doesn't it show storms strengthening over the south east and east Anglia?

Dbarb | 1 Minute Ago

Still the odd intermittent high based orange flash

Jason H
Jason H | 1 Minute Ago

Current rainfall 120mm/h, lots of what I used to call sheet lightning in the old days some crappy thunder sounds, nothing spectacular.

Rainfall seems to be increasing though.

matty40s | 2 Minutes Ago

It has just started raining in Croydon. Flashes of lightning. Distant thunder. Brace yourselves Londoners.

urbanj | 2 Minutes Ago
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