Monthly weather forecast for the UK

Updated 1st March - Covering 1st-31st March 2021

  • Dry at first
  • Then changeable and windy at times with wintry spells
  • Mostly brief finer milder intervals
  • Perhaps colder from the North at month end


These month ahead predictions are updated fortnightly. The detail can become more difficult with time, but this should still act as a very good guide as to what to expect during the month. A mid-March to mid-April prediction will follow on Monday 15th March.

WEEK 1: Monday 1st to Sunday 7th March

Mainly dry but a few showers mid-week mostly in central and southern parts that locally could be quite sharp. A mixture of sunshine and cold, grey, misty weather in generally light winds. Some fog and frost overnight where skies clear. Clearer but colder more generally later in the week with some sunshine, but a few showers in the North and East for a while that'll be wintry on hills. Drier than normal with some sharp temperature variations.

WEEK 2: Monday 8th to Sunday 14th March

Becoming breezier and much more unsettled. All parts see some rain or blustery showers, that'll be wintry at times especially in the North. Also a trend particularly towards mid-month of much colder northerly outbreaks, when sleet or snow could occur more widely especially on hills with the return of overnight frost. A wetter and later colder than normal period after a few milder days.

WEEK 3: Monday 15th to Sunday 21st March

Probably wintry, with snow possible especially in the North and East. Then drier and finer with some sunshine lifting daytime temperatures but with overnight perhaps quite sharp frosts for a while. Briefly more 'spring-like' later, but perhaps turning breezier and unsettled in the North and North West later depending on timing. After a wet start a drier period, perhaps with large diurnal temperature variations.

WEEK 4: Monday 22nd to Sunday 28th March

Milder perhaps rather warm in the East and South briefly around the equinox, but becoming unsettled again with probably complex low pressure developing across the country. Some rain or showers that could be heavy, perhaps giving local hail and thunder. Maybe turning colder in the North and North West later, with nearer to normal temperatures elsewhere in a wetter period.

MONTH END: Monday 29th to Wednesday 31st March

Less confidence at this distance with probably further showers. After perhaps a very mild interval in the South, maybe turning much colder again and wintry from the North by month end.

Monthly weather forecast
This month ahead forecast is updated fortnightly. The detail can become more difficult with time, but this should still act as a very good guide as to the weather for the coming month. A full March prediction will follow on Monday 1st March. - Terry Scholey

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