Monthly weather forecast for the UK

Updated 4th May - Covering 1st - 31st May 2021

  • Cool wet and windy first half
  • Improving towards mid-month
  • Showers and coolish into third week
  • Hot into final week then humid and thundery
  • Cooler at end


At last we have much needed rain for the farmers and growers, in a crazy spring so far. We have seen record high temperatures in March, followed by the coldest April over central England for 32 years. It was also provisionally the driest, most frosty April since 1938 in some localities, due to frequent 'spring northerlies'. These can persist on and off until around 20th May, before a re-organisation of the pressure systems brings a change to warmer weather.

WEEK 1: Saturday 1st to Friday 7th May

Sunny spells and scattered showers, but cool with further night frosts. Becoming wet and windy on Bank Holiday Monday, with hill snow in North. Then remaining cool, showery and blustery at times, with continued risk of night frost. A wetter, colder than normal period.

WEEK 2: Saturday 8th to Friday 14th May

Continuing unsettled and on the cool side, but perhaps briefly milder in the East and South. Wet at times, then probably turning finer and warmer by day towards mid-month. Further chilly nights, with slight frost possible. So gardeners beware. Another wetter and cooler than normal period, but an improvement later.

WEEK 3: Saturday 15th May to Friday 21st May

Perhaps briefly finer and quite warm, then probably cooler and unsettled again with showers. A few further chilly nights possible. An increasingly finer, sunnier, warmer weather picture is indicated towards the end of this period especially in the North and West.

WEEK 4: Saturday 22nd to Friday 28th May

A taste of summer for most and probably becoming very warm or hot. A humid thundery interval is possible later mostly in the South, giving localised torrential downpours. Probably a mostly dry period in the North and West, but hit and miss showers and storms likely mostly in South and East.

MONTH END: Saturday 29th and Monday 31st May

A cooler interval possible as showers clear away to the North and East, but timing a little uncertain. Probably turning finer and warmer again before the end of May.

Monthly weather forecast
These month ahead predictions are updated fortnightly. The detail can become more difficult with time, but this should still act as a very good guide as to what to expect during the next thirty days or so. A mid-May to mid-June prediction will follow on Saturday 15th May. - Terry Scholey

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