Terry Scholey


Terry Scholey

Almost entirely self-taught, I have had a rabid interest in the weather since I was a small boy, with now over fifty years of forecasting experience. My curiosity was further cemented as a teenager by the severe winter of 1962/63, becoming a Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society in 1978. Over the past forty years or so I have taken up a particular interest in monthly and seasonal predictions based on solar, lunar and magnetic earth connections, with an interest in astronomy particularly helpful in this respect.

I have been well known as a weatherman in the Nottingham area for many years, but more especially since the inception of local radio in 1968. I have had regular slots on B.B.C. Radio Nottingham with my monthly forecasts also featured in the Nottingham Evening Post for a while, both of which proved very popular. I have also over the years provided weather forecasts and advice to many mostly private Weather Companies.

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