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Recent Posts

We most certainly will!  Can't believe we are just two weeks away from summer!

Don | 6 Minutes Ago

Every year seems to go faster than the last.. this one is whizzing by! We'll be moaning about lack of cold in November and December before we know it! 

damianslaw | 16 Minutes Ago

Feb 2020 was made worse by an increasing sense of gloomy doom with covid cases on the rise not a month to remember fondly but how much worse would it have been had the epidemic started in October for example with March 20 instead being Dec 19! 

damianslaw | 19 Minutes Ago

It definitely sounded like it judging by the thunder as well - it was similar to a sonic boom.

Zak M
Zak M | 25 Minutes Ago

The time is 22:51, and I’m just taking the dog for a quick walk after getting home from work… And this is how much light we’ve currently got in the sky! 🌌🌃🌌

Dangerous55019 | 28 Minutes Ago

Unfortunately I didn't get to see it until it had died down somewhat. No real structure to speak of by the time i caught it, although I expect it would have been hidden from view by the intense rainfall.

Supacell | 29 Minutes Ago
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