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We are an island so our climate is much more influenced by the Atlantic and surrounding sea which generates a lot of cloud.

Yes Manchester is actually not that wet despite the reputation. Excessive cloud/lack of sunshine is more of a problem for Manchester summers.


And even though the annual rainfall isn’t that high, that rainfall is spread over a large amount of days (around 150 a year, so almost half the days have some rain at some point during the day) so they get a lot of overcast, damp and drizzly days.


It’s been a better day today here, cloudy morning but plenty of sunshine in the afternoon and evening. Temp still nothing to write home about at around 16 or 17C.

East Lancs Rain
East Lancs Rain | 4 Minutes Ago

Yeah it's notable how it's rare they drop below 20C as a high in the summer. Noticed this going back through Heathrow's history on weatheronline. I'd call that a good summer without hesitation and for me warm enough for shorts and t-shirt every day. That kind of consistent warmth doesn't occur up here unless it's a 1976,1995 or 2018 style summer. Anyway I hope the Armageddon heat charts back off. High 30s/low 40s is of no use to anyone and would be a huge added strain on the health system.

Frost HoIIow
Frost HoIIow | 5 Minutes Ago

Fair play and we need to see what happens during the next few weeks before anything else.  I think it has been sighted for some time that mid July held the greatest chance of heat, a result of the MJO phase, so my guess would be that if we are to tap into exceptional heat later in the summer it would probably be a one or two day spike, similar to that in July 2019 and last month.  

Don | 23 Minutes Ago

Dunno if was being Captain Obvious there with that one.

Just trying to give a counterbalance to the idea that summer will be over after the upcoming spell of decent weather is over.

JayAlmeida | 46 Minutes Ago

Thank god!

The legendary DE at it now...



RECORD-breaking temperatures of up to 41C degrees could strike the UK, according to forecasts.


Really hoping it doesn’t come off, a lot of people will suffer, luckily I’m in northern England where it’s forecast to be a more temperate 30°C (still very hot for up here).

My takes on Recent summers for me, coming from someone who doesn’t like it too hot but doesn’t want a washout either.


2022: Not too bad so far

2021: Nice, warm/mild and mostly dry throughout but rarely too hot. My ideal kind of summer.

2020: Poor June, terrible July, OK August. Too hot end of June.

2019: Very poor June, good July, OK August. Some uncomfortable hot spells late July and late August.

2018: Pleasant June, very hot July, mediocre August.

2017: Poor. Constantly raining, too cool, a lot of chilly winds. Very little warmth.

2016: Rather poor overall. Some nice days but very cool and wet a lot of the time. Brief hot spell around 19th July. Very changeable.

2015: Very average summer apart from one very hot day. Cool and wet July.

2014: Good. Warm and sunny June and July but not excessively hot most of the time. Cant remember much about August except I went to Minehead late in the month and the weather was pretty good.

2013: OK June, very warm and sunny July but nothing excessive, pleasant August, although cool and cloudy at times. A very pleasant summer.

2012: A total washout. Some better days late July/early August.

2011: Rather mediocre. Rather average June, cool, dry and sunny July, very cloudy August.
2010: Warm and sunny June, unsettled July with heavy downpours, cool August.

2009: Very average.

2008: Unsettled. Very cloudy August.


Id say my favourite summers have been 2021, 2018 and 2014 and my least favourite 2020, 2017 and 2012.



East Lancs Rain
East Lancs Rain | 46 Minutes Ago


I actually made a small mistake when taking those screenshots. I had the top temperature in the 24hrs up to 3pm, which had some overlap each day from the day before. It may make a few of the days seem a little hotter than they actually were. I’ve re-run it to the 24hrs up to 11pm. It brings the top temperatures down a little for a few of the days, but the overall theme is the same. 


2020 mid July to mid August:


2019 mid June to end July:


2019 mid July to end August:


danm | 50 Minutes Ago
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