Netweather 4web - free and simple to use weather feeds for your website
To implement a 4web weather feed on your website, just follow the steps below:
  1. Choose your location by typing in the county/town/postcode below, then select the exact match in the box that will appear. If the precise location you're looking for isn't on our database - just go to Multimap to look it up, then copy the lattitude / longitude co-ordinates from there into the relevant boxes.
  2. Next you can select a customised title for your forecast - just enter it into the title box
  3. There are a choice of templates to use - just select the one you would like to use from the drop down menu
  4. The final step is to copy and paste the code into your website and you will have a fully working forecast, updated every day.
Enter town or postcode
Forecast location title:
Copy and paste this
code into your website
How the forecast will look:
Please note that these are subject to a fair use policy - please do not have forecasts for more than 3 locations on your site and please do not change the code - we reserve the right to block access to the forecasts.
More weather feeds
Netweather supply a range of weather feeds including customised versions of the 4web image feeds you see on this page as well as XML, CSV and RSS feeds and custom solutions to suit from the most simple to the most complex requirements, please see our web feed page for more information.
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