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A very warm with sunny spells

Temp 17.4C, low 17.3C, Barometer 1018mb steady, Wind F1, SSW, Rainfall Nil

The PIT | 21 Minutes Ago

Manchester Summer index is around 230 at the moment, cloud amounts were frustrating yesterday



Weather-history | 49 Minutes Ago

It looked  a goner the other day but in the end, even the date record looks as though it has held out


Weather-history | 1 Hour Ago

Lincoln has been near the boundary of the NW-SE divide over the last few days, it was very sunny on 12 June, but 10,11 and 13 June had a fair amount of cloud at times.  The 10th was the cloudiest day, though the cloud did conveniently break up during the eclipse.  Overall though sunshine amounts have felt quite decent, and it's certainly been warm.

Thundery wintry showers
Thundery wintry showers | 3 Hours Ago

High Summer temp categories here in central they could be described as “hotter” but when compared to averages they’re quite unremarkable a 30C day is far from unusual +6C warmer than average a 14C day in winter would think nothing of it. Personally 30C is quite comfortable with little exertion and low humidity it’s when it exceeds 32C regardless it’s hot and you feel it in London.

14-18C very cool

19-21C cool

22-27C warm 

28-31C very warm 

32 - 34C hot 

35C + very hot 

Daniel* | 3 Hours Ago

Similar max temp to yesterday but it didn't drop quite as low when the breeze picked up this afternoon. Reached 22.4°C, currently 13.8°C

matt111 | 4 Hours Ago
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