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Having birthday meal at the Peels Arms, Padfield.

My dad texted and said 55 years ago, it thundered as you were born.

Had Worse
Had Worse | 4 Minutes Ago

Few rumbles here an hour ago.

Been a day of lovely sun and heavy showers 

Ian Price
Ian Price | 4 Minutes Ago

Whinge over...3 claps of thunder & ⛈️...spell of heavy rain.  Finally got a lucky hit after lots of misses.  Ground & soil needed that watering. 

dodge | 6 Minutes Ago

Storms have declined in the last ten to fifthteen years no idea why. Normal proceedure is they hit chesterfield die away by the time they get to the top of Dronfield bypass then rebuild when leaving Sheffield and soak Doncaster , Leeds etc.

The PIT | 8 Minutes Ago

I'm with you on this tight...I really do sense an uptick in fortunes moving into the new month. Fair enough there is a trough glued towards the NW for much of the next 10 days...but it looks to me that away from those areas could infact improve and become much warmer at times.

10 days is a very long time in forecasting and as we witnessed earlier this week with the heat and the sunshine...which was originally scheduled to be cool and wet!

Any of you feeling uneasy with the next 7 days or so of weather I will bring you some pointers if your not liking it.

1...theres some fab bronzing parlours now...bring the Mediterranean to your own area.

2..Book numerous package deal Holidays preferably cancellations to save you some money.

3...Do none of the above and sink a few cold ones and say too hell with the British climate..

Have a little patience folks...Good Times will roll..

MATTWOLVES | 11 Minutes Ago
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