Video by Jo Farrow
6th November 2019 17:15

VIDEO: More rain with flooding concerns. Frost risk with a November nip in the air

November has already brought frost in places and plenty of rain. Following a wet October for much of England, particularly the east and parts of Wales, even more heavy and persistent rain is causing concerns this week and at the weekend.


The Environmental Agency has identified a risk of flooding on Thursday and Friday. They mention the north of England, the Midlands and Lincolnshire. Also north wales and East Anglia with more details of river /surface and local flooding. "Properties may flood and there may be travel disruption."

Flood risk UK

Rain, prolonged and occasionally heavy, will affect the yellow area during Thursday. The rain will gradually ease overnight and clear away during the early hours of Friday. 20-40 mm of rain is expected over quite a wide area, with 60-80 mm falling in a few locations over high ground, through the period. The rain will be accompanied by strengthening northeasterly winds, which may lead to significant leaf fall and impede drainage in places. Met Office: NE and E. England

UK Yellow rain warning England and N.Wales

Rain is expected to become heavy and persistent across parts of north Wales on Thursday, with many places seeing 20-30 mm of rain. Strong northeasterly winds are expected to bring large amounts of rain to north-facing hills with the potential for 50-70mm of rain which may lead to some flooding. Met Office : N. Wales

Rainfall totals forecast Thursday Friday UK

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On Saturday as a frontal band moves across the UK west to east there will be rain for all of the UK. The heaviest rain will be for western Britain and it is moving through fairly quickly but it is the already sodden ground and water flowing down from high ground after Thursday/Friday's rain which keep the flood risk going.   

Local river and surface water flooding is also possible across the south of England and south Wales on Friday and more widely across England and Wales on Saturday. Land, roads and some properties may flood and there may be travel disruption. Environment Agency

Colder air for UK

It will also turn colder through the week as winds end up from a more northerly direction. This means there will be a bit of sleet and hill snow over higher ground for northern Britain and further frosts. For Remembrance services on Sunday and Monday, it looks cold with mixed weather conditions. Sunday more blustery than Monday.

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