Samuel Hayes

Samuel Hayes

I've been something of a weather geek since I was a kid, always fascinated by the extreme environments and events on Earth, but mainly extreme weather. To pursue this interest further, I did a BSc in Environmental and Earth System Science in UCC, during which time (partly thanks to discussions on the netweather forum!) I developed a strong interest in climate change too, especially relating to the Arctic. This led to doing an MSc in Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing in UCC, before doing a PhD on permafrost coastal erosion in Northumbria Uni, which I'm currently finishing up.

Aside from my continued interest in weather and climate, I also have a passion for science communication (some might call it arguing on the internet). When not engaged in something science related, I spend much of my time on philosophy, callisthenics, music and waiting for Ferrari to win another F1 world drivers championship..

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