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  1. Latest projection for June The chances of finishing: Close to average (14.2C to 15.2C) is 🔻to 18.5% (2 days ago was 28.1%) Above average (>15.2C) is 🔺to 81.5% (2 days ago was 71.5%) Below average (<14.2C) is 🔻 to 0.0% (2 days ago was 0.4%) The period of the 10th to the 15th is forecast to average 17.8C, 3.6C above the 91-20 average.
  2. A mixed affair in Newcastle, periods of cloud and then some breaks. Have the phone out doing a time-lapse but, given the lack of settings options, a thin cloud cover would probably work best for me
  3. 2014 has a larger single continuous open patch, but 2021 has two large open areas that are bigger combined than 2014. This is reflected in the record low area and extent for the region. But yeah, looks like Kara is getting hit with heat this weekend, then the dipole pattern return early next week.
  4. The already record large open water area in the Laptev Sea has grown substantially yesterday and so far today. The record low extent values there should remain or even grow in response.
  5. Extent in the Laptev sea continues to go further into record territory, now 48,000km2 below the next lowest year. Conversely, a slow start to the melt season in the Canadian Archipelago, now 14th highest for the time of year.
  6. From the projections earlier, about a 12% chance of being within 0.5C of 17.2C before corrections.
  7. Latest projection for June The chances of finishing: Close to average (14.2C to 15.2C) is 🔻to 28.1% (2 days ago was 38.6%) Above average (>15.2C) is 🔺to 71.5% (2 days ago was 56.2%) Below average (<14.2C) is 🔻 to 0.4% (2 days ago was 5.2%) The period of the 8th to the 13th is forecast to average 17.7C, 3.6C above the 91-20 average.
  8. Latest weekly animation. Mixed changes in the Barents Sea, but steady widespread losses along the ice edge elsewhere.
  9. Latest projection for June The chances of finishing: Close to average (14.2C to 15.2C) is 🔺to 38.6% (4 days ago was 37.3%) Above average (>15.2C) is 🔺to 56.2% (4 days ago was 45.8%) Below average (<14.2C) is 🔻 to 5.2% (4 days ago was 16.9%) The period of the 6th to the 11th is forecast to average 17.0C, 2.9C above the 91-20 average.
  10. First projection for June The chances of finishing: Close to average (14.2C to 15.2C) is at 37.3% Above average (>15.2C) is at 45.8% Below average (<14.2C) is at 16.9% The period of the 2nd to the 7th is forecast to average 16.6C, 2.8C above the 91-20 average.
  11. Snow disappearing and ice rapidly turning blue in the East Siberian and Laptev seas
  12. 10.1C makes May 2021 the 61st coldest on record, and Spring (MAM) the 132nd coldest on record. Compared with 1991-2020 average, 24 days were below average and 7 days were above. No daily mean records were set and no days reached the top or bottom 10 on record.
  13. Says 10.1C on the monthly ranked page: https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/hadobs/hadcet/mly_cet_mean_sort.txt
  14. Confirmed as 10.1C. Congrats to @I remember Atlantic 252
  15. 15.6C and 50mm, thanks. Of note, if May finishes on 10C after corrections, a June CET of 15.9C would make the May to June increase the 10th largest on record. A June of 17.6C would be needed for a new overall record (10.5C to 18.0C in 1676 is the current largest, next largest is 8.7C to 15.1C in 1817).
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