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  1. Latest weekly Arctic sea ice extent update is here
  2. 00z would have us around 6C by the 26th, peaking around 6.2C on the 22nd
  3. CFS now going for a rapid transition to a weak/moderate El Nino The latest weekly El Nino update (yesterday) is here
  4. To put the 81° 29′ ice free extent in summer into context, over the last 3 months we've regularly been ice free north of 82°, and even north of 83°N just before Christmas. That's in the middle of winter too. The warmth and ice loss back in the early 20th century just isn't at all comparable to now
  5. Latest weekly Arctic sea ice update is here
  6. Min today is 0.1C, while maxima look like reaching about 4C, so a drop to 4.5C is likely on tomorrows update. After that, the 06z GFS has the CET at: 4.4C to the 12th (2.6: -2.1) 4.4C to the 13th (5.0: +1.0) 4.5C to the 14th (4.9: +1.5) 4.6C to the 15th (6.9: +3.1) 4.8C to the 16th (8.1: +4.4) 5.0C to the 17th (8.3: +4.6) 5.3C to the 18th (8.7: +4.9) 5.5C to the 19th (10.0: +6.0) [Record High: 10.6C] 5.7C to the 20th (10.2: +6.4) Looks like the 12th could be the low point for the month. Looking further ahead, the likely upper and lower ranges are now 5.7C and 3.2C but, as the graph shows, the average temperature after the 15th would be record breaking...
  7. Light dusting here this morning and currently snowing lightly. Hopefully the showers keep going today and the sun stays hidden.
  8. Moderate snow shower finished about 15 minutes ago giving a slight covering/dusting here. Half melted already though.
  9. What are the showers giving you today? A few light sleety snow showers here is all.
  10. Remarkable heat (and cool temps), thanks for the updates. I like how pale green is used to depict 27-30C temperatures on the heat chart!
  11. Snowing in Newcastle at the moment. Beginning to stick to some cars a bit but not sticking anywhere else.
  12. Mostly rain in Newcastle today, odd hint of sleet, but not much.
  13. The latest update is here
  14. CET is currently 7.5C Min today is 0.1C while maxima look like reaching the mid 6s, so a drop to around 6.6C is likely on tomorrows update. After that, the 06z GFS has the CET at: 6.0C to the 6th (2.6: -2.8) 5.8C to the 7th (5.1: +0.4) 5.5C to the 8th (3.1: -1.3) 4.9C to the 9th (0.1: -3.9) 4.5C to the 10th (1.2: -2.9) 4.2C to the 11th )1.1: -3.1) 3.9C to the 12th (0.5: -4.2) 3.6C to the 13th (0.4: -3.7) 3.4C to the 14th (0.1: -3.3) Looking further ahead, the likely upper and lower CET ranges are 5.9C and 2.6C respectively.
  15. Latest GFS would give a pretty mild first week (~5.7C), mainly thanks to the opening 3 days. After that, the potential cold spell would obviously change things around in a big way.The 12z GFS would have the CET dropping down to about 3.6C by the 12th, with the 5 days of the 8th to the 12th average just under 1C.