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  1. The surface is where all the accumulation happens, but not where all the loss happens. A lot of the ice sheet mass loss comes from areas that are not included in the SMB. Also, large losses at the surface, such as from melting, can cause infiltration of melt water to the base of the ice sheet and glaciers. This melt water provides lubrication and increases the sliding towards the sea, increasing calving and thinning the glacier/ice sheet. This is a way that surface processes can increase overall mass loss in ways separate from the SMB too. One of the most recent articles on Greenland: https://www.pnas.org/content/116/19/9239 "Even in years of high SMB, enhanced glacier discharge has remained sufficiently high above equilibrium to maintain an annual mass loss every year since 1998."
  2. Below is the estimate of the CET over the next 10 days based on the 06z GFS The first graph is the provisional data and forecast with daily max, min, mean and the rolling CET, as well as the 81-10 rolling mean. The second graph is the daily mean in relation the the daily high and low mean record values. Some variability, but generally just a little above average for the next 10 days.
  3. Surface mass balance, while important, is a feature that makes up just part of the overall ice sheet mass balance. Much of the ice loss comes from areas away from the surface, such as increased glacier flow and calving, and increased melting where there's contact with water due to rising sea levels and SSTs. So while the SMB may have been generally positive until the last 2 decades, the overall ice sheet mass balance has been negative for longer and losing mass at a significant rate since about the 80s.
  4. SLP anomaly for June, July and August this year The individual maps for May, June, July and August. We've had 4 consecutive months with the NAO below -1.0, which is the most consistent run of moderate/strong -ve NAO months since summer 2008, which is quite surprising to me.
  5. Below is the estimate of the CET over the next 10 days based on the 06z GFS The first graph is the provisional data and forecast with daily max, min, mean and the rolling CET, as well as the 81-10 rolling mean. The second graph is the daily mean in relation the the daily high and low mean record values. Things look like remaining a little above average for the next 5 days or so before we encounter some cooler temperatures again. At this stage, and guesses within 1C of the 81-10 average (14.1C) are still looking good. Also, the minimum of 4.8C on the 8th is provisionally the 3rd earliest a sub 5C minimum has been recorded since at least 2003 (I can check more years later). In that time the first sub 5C min has occurred as early as August 31st, in 2012, to as late as November 1st in 2006.
  6. Kinda surprising to me how often links and discussions appear on the worst climate denier blogs on the internet, and then appear on here only a few hours later from users that claim not to be climate change deniers I'm sure this time, like many others, it's only a coincidence that the current article in questions was posted on WUWT 10 hours ago, right?
  7. American aid funding if often contingent on the groups they work with not allowing, promoting or even suggesting any kind of birth control. It's the conservatives way of trying to limit the control women have over their bodies in foreign countries too, by tying it in with aid funding. If providing/allowing birth control options results in a slow down in population growth in some region, fine. It helps with the climate problem a little, but it won't solve it. However, it seems to me to be the right thing to do, regardless. Bernie's suggestion has nothing to do with keeping Africa poor or trying to cull foreign populations. The media, when it comes to Bernie, has always been biased stinking pile.
  8. This thread is going way too far now. I'm gonna remove a bunch of stuff soon, but if people can't post and conduct an adult discussion without making things personal or repeating the same nonsense, debunked points ad nauseum, then they'll find their posting rights restricted, and this thread locked.
  9. I guess she could have remained quiet, get to have relatively peaceful teen years/early adulthood. Barring that, she could sugar coat her message, so as not to irk the delicate folk who just can't handle the reality of climate change She could have taken the easy path and flown to the US, certainly more comfortable than 2 weeks in a cramped racing yacht. But she doesn't do those things. She chooses to speak up and make something of her adolescence. She rises above the torrents of abuse that pathetic climate deniers and right wing commentators hurl at her, and focuses only on her message. She sticks by her principles and refuses to fly, despite the difficulty and time consuming nature of transatlantic boat travel. But I suppose this is simply par for the course for the climate denier community. It's the same style of attack aimed at anybody that speaks up about climate change. As this forum shows, it's still a highly effective tool. Anyone that becomes a prominent figure is attacked in every way they can be whether it's personal insults, conspiracy theories spread through the usual denier blogs or general condescending ridicule. They are the main avenues available for people that know they're in the wrong. At all costs, her actual message must be avoided, lest her critics have to actually tackle some scientific realities
  10. Looks like a cool start to the month, with the 06z GFS putting the CET around 13.3C for the first third of the month. If accurate, this would be the 3rd coldest first 10 days in the last 30 years, beaten only by 2015 and 1992, which were both 12.6C to the 10th.
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