VIDEO: More wind and rain with flooding concerns for Friday and the weekend
Video by Jo Farrow
9th October 2019 16:04

VIDEO: More wind and rain with flooding concerns for Friday and the weekend

Warnings are already appearing for Friday and the weekend with concerns around heavy and persistent frontal rain and resultant surface water and river flooding. The River Ouse in York has only just come down from a flood warning, the A47 was underwater last weekend and many areas have sodden ground from recent rains. 

You would expect unsettled blustery weather at this time of year with low pressure nipping by bringing spells of wet and windy weather but the concerns this week relate to a waving weather front which could just pull in more and more heavy rain over Wales and northern England. With heavy rainfall over the Welsh mountains, Pennines and Peak District possible, it will all have to flow somewhere, hence the mention of Saturday and Sunday by the Environment Agency.

Met Office warning rain

A band of rain will arrive across parts of Wales, central and northern England during the early hours of Friday and then remain slow-moving through much of the day. Within this area, 15-30mm of rainfall is expected widely. 50-70mm may occur across high ground of western Wales and potentially the Pennines. The band of rain will clear to the southeast by Friday evening. Met Office 

UK rain totals Thursday Friday

There is already plenty of engineering works on train lines this month, so potentially disruptive rainfall isn't good news for people travelling. There is still uncertainty about where the bands of heavy rain will move to or persist, so don't take the output from weatehr apps too literally for the end of the week. More as a theme of wet and blustery weather, strong winds around western coasts but not this hour will be wet, this hour dry.

High gusts Thursday evening. UK

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Lee gusts also look to be an issue on Thursday night as the strong SW winds tumble over the Pennines.  There will also be strong gusty winds on Friday, with coastal gales for western Britain and hints that there could be strong winds for England and Wales later on Sunday, just something to keep an eye on. 

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