Nick's Storm Chase Blog - Days 1 and 2
Blog by Nick Finnis
Issued: 13th June 2022 18:34
Updated: 19th June 2022 15:48

Nick's Storm Chase Blog - Days 1 and 2

I'm driving on tour 4 of the WeatherHolidays US storm chasing 2022, and I will be updating a blog on here where I can, given the days can be long!

I flew in to Denver Airport in Colorado last Thursday (9th June) quite late in the day, Friday was changeover day from the previous tour to our tour, so we hung around our hotel near Denver Airport, until the last guest arrived in the evening. Then we pinged off some miles northeast into SW Nebraska for an overnight stay to shorten the drive to get in position for the target for day one of the storm chase to chase in SE Nebraska and NE Kansas.

Day 1

A tornadic supercell from day 1 of tour 4 on the storm chase

Great day 1 of the storm chase today down in SE Nebraska and NE Kansas. Saw 3 supercells from initiation near Beatrice, NE through to core punching one of them trying to find a rain-wrapped tornado which had caused damage in Blue Rapids, KS - which we saw had brought down tree branches and powerlines. Also we witnessed frequent positive CG bolts as the tornadic supercell cleared.

A supercell storm

The positive CG bolts coming out of a tornadic supercell in NE Kansas, like this one on Saturday, were very powerful and quite unnerving raining down around us.

Overnight stay in Grand Island, NE before long haul NW for tomorrow's risk. Nice electrical storm to wake me up at 5.30am here in Grand Island, Nebraska.

Day 2

A blue tinge from the hail core

Drove to Belle Fourche in South Dakota on Sunday, watched a supercell roll in from Wyoming, before it chased us with 4-inch hail and strong winds back through the Black Hills.

A hail producing supercell

before we then watched from the Badlands lightning becoming visible as it got dark from the same supercell moving out from the Black Hills towards the Plains, it was tricky holding the camera with strong outflow winds.

Grabbing photos of the storm as dusk approached

If you're interested in joining us on the storm chases in 2023, please head over to the WeatherHolidays website for more info.

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