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FreezeAlert, the Netweather winter gritting forecast solution, has been designed to take the stress out of monitoring weather forecasts and to make your life easier when deciding whether to visit a customer site, or not.

Using the latest high resolution weather models to deliver location specific surface temperature forecasts for each of the sites you cover, along with snow and rain risk information, all in a simple, colour coded update. The alert trigger temperatures are customisable for each site, allowing you to tailor the action level based on your clients exact requirement.

Reports are emailed up to 3 times a day as the latest forecast data comes in, and you can choose the format – csv, Excel spreadsheet or PDF, or any combination of the three. A short SMS report is also sent if needed to keep you informed when you are away from an internet connection.

Each update uses a traffic light system to quickly show which sites will need gritting, or snow clearing (red), those that are borderline calls (amber), and where no activity is required (green).

FreezeAlert also includes a password protected portal on the Netweather web site which provides a more detailed forecast for every site – hourly information going out to 36 hours ahead and a 5 day summary for each site to help with resource planning.

Optional tools, such as a live rainfall radar that updates every 5 minutes to keep you aware of any rain or snow that might be headed your way. Colour coded markers show each of your customer sites on a map, again making it easier to see where additional resources might be required, or whether delaying a site visit until rain has cleared makes more sense.

If you would like further information on FreezeAlert, please call us on 0208 090 2490 or 01386 576121, alternatively please email us by clicking here.

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