Better For Now

Issued: 14th September 2011 09:51

Better For Now

We're on the road to a briefly more settled spell of weather now, although it's not going to last long with low pressure making a return from the west during Thursday it should at least give some respite after the wild start to the week. Today is still fairly blustery particularly across the northern part of the country, but as the day wears on those winds will ease right down from the west, so by the end of the day it really is just the eastern fringe of the country continuing to see those gusty winds. The showers today will also be relatively few and far between, many of them reserved for northern England, the north of Scotland and Northern Ireland, elsewhere although there isn't a 100% guarantee of staying dry you will certainly be fairly unlucky to catch a shower. After the chilly start temperatures will head up to similar values to yesterday with 18-20°c typical in the south, 15-19°c more likely further north. Overnight with lighter winds and often clear skies it'll be another pretty cool one with a ground frost likely in central Scotland in particular - in fact in some sheltered spots there could even be an air frost. Once the sun is up though temperatures will soon pick up again reaching much the same level as today. During Thursday, with a ridge of high pressure in attendance it should be dry just about everywhere with just the very small risk of a light shower across the northern half of the country. Even at this stage though, trouble will be brewing to the west with another low pressure system making it's way towards Ireland so here at least there may be a few more showers during the afternoon with winds picking up as well. That unsettled, and blustery weather then makes it's move towards the UK overnight and into Friday with a front bringing a spell of rain up from the southwest, followed by some sharp showers. Looking ahead to the weekend little changes with widespread showers on both days, some of which will be heavy and perhaps thundery as well.

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