Christmas Forecast 2018

Dreaming Of A White Christmas?

Update #9 - December 12th 2018

We are getting close now, have you bought all your presents yet? Or, are you like me and have yet to even get started?

In terms of the forecast, we're starting to really hone in on the big day now, and it looks like we're going to be in an unsettled regime as we head into Christmas. That doesn't mean there's no chance of some snow though, more below..

Santa Shaker!

Choose your location from the menu to give Santa a shake and find out your chance of a White Christmas.

White christmas forecast

We're still using the postage stamp map from the GEFS ensembles tonight, as there's still plenty fo be nailed down in terms of the final outcome.

Christmas weather forecast

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As you'll maybe spot on the map, virtually all the scenarios being shown have low pressure closeby on Xmas day. Most are on the mild side, so a green Christmas the is the favoured outcome. But, there are some crumbs of comfort if you're hoping for some snow, and that's a few with low pressure moving east of the UK and allowing cold northerly winds in, and one or two others with winds in the northwest which would be just about cold enough for some snow in places.

The colder options arein the minority though, so mild, green, potentially wet and windy is the most likely weather on the 25th, but never rule out the underdog!

The next update will be on Saturday. In the meantime, give Santa a shake to find out your chance of a white Xmas.

Next Update Saturday 15th December

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