Christmas Forecast 2017

Dreaming Of A White Christmas?

Update #12 - Christmas Eve

We've made it, after starting at the beginning of November, it's now Christmas Eve and the mince-pies have started to flow!

The forecast has stayed quite static during the last couple of weeks, with an unsettled Christmas day on the way, but with a few surprises possible as colder air tucks in behind a band of rain. For the last time this year, give Santa a shake to find out your chance of at least seeing a flake of snow, and read on below for all the details.

Santa Shaker!

Choose your location from the menu to give Santa a shake and find out your chance of a White Christmas.

White christmas forecast

We're at close range now, so we can use the hi-res NetWx-SR model. It's the precipitation type map - blue for rain, green for rain/sleet/snow and pink for snow, and I've animated it, so you can see what's going to be happening through the day.

Ahead of the rain, it's going to be a pretty mild and breezy Christmas. Once it starts to move through though, that colder air will be following on quite quickly, so keep you eye out for some snow on its trailing edge - especially up over the higher ground. There'll also be some wintry showers following it into the north and west.

Beyond Christmas day there is going to be some lively, and at times wintry weather during the Xmas period, so keep up to date with the latest forecasts when you can. You can check your local forecast here.

All that's left for me to say is, thank you for reading the Christmas forecast for 2017. Merry Christmas!

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