Christmas Forecast 2021

Dreaming Of A White Christmas?

Update #10 - December 24th 2021

What a year. The 2020 forecast was an example of picking the winning trend at the start, with very little change to the forecast throughout. This year has been the complete opposite, with so many twists and turns, but we've made it, and for most it will be a green Christmas.

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White christmas forecast

The chance of snow this year, will be mostly limited to the higher ground of Northern England, North Wales and Scotland, as weather fronts brush up again colder air which will continue to feed down from the north during the day. The precipiation type animation from the UKV shows the picture.

Will there be a white Christmas this year?

Temperature wise, it's going to be quite a contrasting day. some Southern parts of England will see highs into double figures, whereas parts of Northern Scotland won't get above freezing. For most it'll be 4-7c though, but will feel cold in the quite keen the east to southeast wind.

Temperatures on Christmas day

As always, it's been a pleasure to write this forecast over the last 6 weeks or so, hopefully you've enjoyed following it. But, until next year, that's it - see you in November. Merry Christmas!

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