Summer Sliding Away

Issued: 2nd September 2011 09:33

Summer Sliding Away

After the sunshine for many yesterday the slide back downhill toward a much less settled spell of weather is now under way with northern and western regions the first to see a taste of this, followed by everyone else as we move through the weekend. There's some rain around for Scotland this morning but it's in the form of showers so plenty of dry slots in between and it will clear away during the morning and first part of the afternoon, elsewhere it's dry but with more in the way of cloud around than yesterday. Temperature wise, it'll be warmest in the southeast with highs peaking at 25-27°c, slowly cooling off the further north and west you head with western parts of Scotland reaching the mid-teens at best. Later in the day today, the next band of rain will cross Ireland and make it's way into Scotland from the southwest and it's this weather front which will eventually push east to all parts. Saturday will start with Scotland again seeing some patchy rain, as will the far north of England and later in the day Wales and Southwest England. Elsewhere it's pretty much as you were, with temperatures again peaking in the mid-twenties in the southeast, but with a good deal of cloud about it won't be an especially sunny day. Sunday brings the front ever further east, so everywhere that won't have seen it yet will have a spell of rain to contend with during the day, with a scattering of showers following in behind it too. It'll be cooler too with highs in the south peaking in the low twenties at best with the rest of the country into the mid-high teens after a fairly chilly start with the chance of a ground frost in sheltered parts north of the border. Looking ahead to next week, we keep the unsettled, often wet and potentially pretty windy theme with us as low pressure systems move through. If you're on the look out for the next spell of better weather, maybe the end of the week and into the weekend could see things settling down again but that really is light years off in weather terms right now, so don't pin too many hopes on it.

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