Out for a ramble this weekend, what's the weather as you Walk your Way
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Issued: 4th June 2021 19:55
Updated: 17th June 2021 16:00

Out for a ramble this weekend, what's the weather as you Walk your Way

A weekly look at the UK weekend weather and walking locations around Britain. This week South Downs Way

Summer is here and it looks like most of us will be staying in the UK over the coming months. Ideas for enjoying the local countryside, hills and coastlines will be needed, which is why the Ramblers have launched “Walk Your Way”. And also help those managing to holiday somewhere in Britain.

This campaign offers ideas, challenges and tips to enjoy walking in green spaces and the great outdoors. Wherever you are, if you have walked before or not, are more experienced and looking for a challenge or wanting some new routes to try out.

John muir Way

Sunshine and warmth can encourage more of us to be outside and June has finally brought some decent weather. Glorious sunshine and heat enabled temperatures to reach 29.7C in London. This has been a stark contrast to the cool, wet May and cold, frosty but sunny April for the UK as a whole. Venturing out in all that rain may not have been so enticing but there will have been others who have continued to ‘Walk in Winter’ whatever the weather.

Now that there is less mud and the layers of thick clothing aren’t needed, why not plan a walk or a ramble. This weekend does look ideal with a lot of dry weather, sunshine and warmth with only light winds.

Weekend forecast- Updated midweek.  Weekend weather  June 18th and 19th

The risk of heavy downpours and thunderstorms continues, mainly later in the day and overnight. By day, Saturday looks more settled but Sunday see pulses of heavy showers heading northwards through the UK. Where the humid, close air remains remember your water bottle and do still slap on the sunscreen, even if the day starts off cloudy.

Low pressures keep on developing along a frontal boundary which keeps the hottest and most humid air to the SE of the UK. Heavy downpours and thunderstorms on Friday will be clearing away from North Sea coasts by Saturday morning so don't be put off by the rain and rumbles on Friday night. 

Light winds for Saturday morning with more of a breeze from the east by the afternoon. Not as hot or humid as it was in the week but still with strong sunshine and high, even very high pollen levels. By Saturday evening, another pulse of thunderstorms will be heading up from the south and although there will be some fine, drier weather about other areas will see sharp showers and more cloud. Sussex and Hampshire could see some drier weather on Sunday but there will be the risk of showers too. 

What if you are out walking and get caught in a thunderstorm or hear thunder in the distance?

Thunderstorms in English Channel

South Downs Way

The South Downs Way lies entirely within a National Park. It stretches from the ancient cathedral city of Winchester in the west, through to the white chalky cliffs of the Seven Sisters and Beachy Head at Eastbourne in the east, "almost all of its stunning 160 km length is blissfully off-road."

"On visiting the South Downs you might spot some of our iconic species such as burnt orchidround-headed rampionotterskylarkbarn owl and brown trout. You might even be lucky enough to spot some of our less well-known residents such as the barbastelle bat, the chalk carpet moth and sundew (a carnivorous plant)." 

This weekend, plenty of fine weather on Saturday and not as hot or humid as it has been. Do watch out later in the day for incoming thunderstorms. Keep an eye on their progress on the Netweather Radar. Again there should be an improvement in the weather along the Way on Sunday after overnight storms and heavy rain. This could make paths slippy, even worn or uneven as heavier bursts might cause some channelling down slopes. 

sheep blocking a path on a hillside

'Walk Your Way' will run from June to August. From Monday 7th June, there will be a series of special, online Ramblers 'Walk your Way' inspiration packs covering regions and nations in Britain to give new route ideas or maybe a reminder of forgotten old favourites.   

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