Out for a ramble this weekend, what's the weather as you Walk your Way
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Issued: 4th June 2021 19:55
Updated: 10th June 2021 15:23

Out for a ramble this weekend, what's the weather as you Walk your Way

A weekly look at the UK weekend weather and walking locations around Britain. This week Dartmoor and the North York Moors. 

Summer is here and it looks like most of us will be staying in the UK over the coming months. Ideas for enjoying the local countryside, hills and coastlines will be needed, which is why the Ramblers have launched “Walk Your Way”. And also help those managing to holiday somewhere in Britain.

This campaign offers ideas, challenges and tips to enjoy walking in green spaces and the great outdoors. Wherever you are, if you have walked before or not, are more experienced and looking for a challenge or wanting some new routes to try out.

John muir Way

Sunshine and warmth can encourage more of us to be outside and June has finally brought some decent weather. Glorious sunshine and heat enabled temperatures to reach 28C (82F) in the first week. This has been a stark contrast to the cool, wet May and cold, frosty but sunny April for the UK as a whole. Venturing out in all that rain may not have been so enticing but there will have been others who have continued to ‘Walk in Winter’ whatever the weather.

Now that there is less mud and the layers of thick clothing aren’t needed, why not plan a walk or a ramble. This weekend does look ideal with a lot of dry weather, sunshine and warmth with only light winds.

Weekend forecast- Updated midweek.  Weekend weather  June 12th and 13th

A surge of June heat is on the way for this weekend. Top temperatures could reach 30C (86F) for Greater London with many areas well into the 20s Celsius. That may be too hot for some, glorious for others as the humidity rises.  It does mean a water bottle is important whilst slapping on the sunscreen.

Saturday will be warm (away from the northwest), but Sunday will be hot. The more westerly flow will back to the south for most of the UK. There will be plenty of fine, dry and sunny weather.

Early on Saturday, there will be low cloud clearing away from the south coast of England, an old front. High pressure is building in from the SW and steadying the UK weather. Over the top of the high, there will be more cloud and scattered showers for NW Scotland and the Northern Isles with a brisk west wind. Here stays cooler, blustery and will see more rain and cloud by Sunday.

The blustery westerly will bring lee waves for upland Scotland and some interesting cloudscapes with sunshine. Northern Ireland will have bright spells then more cloud, even patchy rain later on Saturday. The North coast could feel damp and fresher but warmer on Sunday.

For England and Wales, the weekend looks dry and sunny with light winds and the days are so long at this time of year. Walking well into the evening is still very pleasant, even more comfortable, than in the midday sun.

Walk your Way weather

A bit of First Aid

As the heat and humidity build, it can become overwhelming. If someone does begin to feel a bit funny in the full sun, it could be heat exhaustion. Headaches, confused, cramps or extra thirst; they need to be cooled down.

Get them out of the sun, to a cool place. Lie down and raise their feet slightly. Give them lots to drink, water is best. Cool their skin- spray with cool water and fan them. Nothing dramatic and stay with them. They should recover within 30 minutes.

Heat Stress is different and more serious, and you will need to call 999.

The top temperature in the UK is 38.7C, we are not approaching that level nor the endless tropical nights which can be wearing. However, with a weekend of lovely looking weather, a nod to how heat can affect some people is worthwhile. Grass pollen season is well underway with very high levels of pollen for southern Britain already this week.

Next weekend 19/20th - signs of high pressure holding on with more fine, warm weather.

Dartmoor sunset


"From its striking granite tors and steep wooded river valleys, to swathes of heather-covered moorland and hidden villages, Dartmoor is a land of contrasts." Devon sees a light north breeze, with a sea breeze picking up from the south by Saturday afternoon. The wind manages to veer round to an easterly or SE breeze by Sunday but it remains light throughout. Temperatures will be around 20C on Saturday, up to 22C on Sunday and feeling pleasant in the strong sunshine. Planning your visit.

The Moor Otters Arts Trail is worth a look with " 81 stunning sculptures of otters with cubs around the region - all designed and decorated by local and national artists."

North York Moors

Sunday looks hotter than Saturday. Both days look fine and dry. Maybe a bit more cloud for Saturday with a light westerly wind but then into the low 20sC for Sunday with more sunshine. The breeze will be light and from the SW. The North York Moors National Park website has lots of trails and walks of varying lengths, The Cleveland Way is a 109 mile long route that passes "dramatic coastline and heather moorland, whilst offering stunning views of castles, ancient stone crosses and fishing villages tucked into tiny coves. " The light winds and lack of rain could make an offer a great time to try a section. 

sheep blocking a path on a hillside

'Walk Your Way' will run from June to August. From Monday 7th June, there will be a series of special, online Ramblers 'Walk your Way' inspiration packs covering regions and nations in Britain to give new route ideas or maybe a reminder of forgotten old favourites.   

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