Incredible Contrast To Last Week

Issued: 3rd April 2012 09:58

Incredible Contrast To Last Week

Last Tuesday we saw the temperature reach 23.6C at Aboyne in Scotland, breaking the March maximum temperature for Scotland. This morning, Aboyne is a winter-wonderland with a covering of snow and the temperature is likely to get no higher than 3C here today, which is some 20C less than this time last week! Although it's not unsusual for the weather to change quite markedly from week-to-week in spring, with winter one week and spring warmth the next, the change from last week in the north in particular -is quite notable. The big drop in temperatures from the north across Scotland has been accompanied by an area of rain and sleet turning to snow moving south overnight across Scotland. This is causing some travel disruption this morning - particularly over the higher routes. The band of snow is currently across The Highlands and Central Belt of Scotland -with brighter skies with snow showers following to the north. Across southern Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England what's falling is mostly sleet and rain for now. The rain, sleet and snow accompanied by a cold northeasterly wind will continue to spread slowly south across southern Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England -spreading in across north Wales and The Midlands later. Snow will increasingly fall and settle across SE Scotland this morning and later across the Cumbrian Fells, The Pennines and Snowdonia into the afternoon. Mostly rain or sleet will fall at lower levels across central and northern England, though some wet snow is possible in the NE of England later. Temperatures will reach 3-6C across Scotland and Northern Ireland this afternoon, 6-8C across north Wales and northern England. Further south, across south Wales and southern England -scattered showers will break out widely, though it will be dry and bright in the south at first. Still mild in the south, with the temperature reaching 11C in Cardiff, 13C in London. Tonight, rain and sleet will continue to spread south across Wales and The Midlands, turning to snow over the higher ground. Rain, sleet and snow will clear northern England, to join Scotland to clearer conditions with a widespread frost, though wintry showers will occur in the east. Wednesday will see rain, sleet and snow continue to slide south across England and Wales, though the SE probably remaining dry. Cold and bright further north across northern England, Northern Ireland and Scotland, with wintry showers continuing in the east. Thursday will see rain and sleet quickly clear the south of England, with most areas dry and bright and becoming less cold. Mostly dry and milder on Good Friday, then the Easter Weekend is looking fairly mild though changeable with alot of cloud around, bringing some outbreaks of light rain at times.


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