The USA storm chase is now on, with teams out there until 24th June looking to track down the severe storms and tornadoes which rumble through the plains throughout the season. Watch the video highlights here, you can also follow them live on the live stream and keep up to date with their photos and reports on the chase forum.
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Live GPS Tracker And Doppler Radar
Streaming From the USA
Chase photo The team have mobile internet within the chase vehicles enabling them to stream live video back to Netweather, internet coverage in the mid-west is good, but it isn't perfect so we have dual connections, signal boosters and external antennas to ensure the best connection possible. Even so, there will be periods where the stream does drop out or become jerky, but please be patient as it will reconnect as soon as coverage returns.

Every day the team will upload their video highlights to Netweather, so if you didn't catch all of the action live, you'll be able to view it the following day. The team will also broadcast a daily briefing, giving their chase targets and the general forecast for the day - this will occur at around 8-9am US time, so approx 2-3pm UK time.
Meet the 2012 Chasers!
Tour 4 Staff
Paul Sherman - Team leader, storm nut and fast becoming a chasing legend.
Arron Hiscox - GPS and Technical
Nick Finnis - Driver and Forecaster
Tom Lynch - Driver and Forecaster

Storm Tour 4 Guests
Lewis Blythe
Richard Betts
Kirstie Betts
Claire Hudson
Mick Butler
Sarah Collett
Graham Collett
Craig Hough
Kris Tucker
Dave Powell
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