Medicane: Mediterranean tropical-like cyclones. Strong winds and heavy rain for Israel and Egypt
Blog by Jo Farrow
Issued: 25th October 2019 13:37

Medicane: Mediterranean tropical-like cyclones. Strong winds and heavy rain for Israel and Egypt

Interesting weather developments in the far east of the Mediterranean, a potential #Medicane. Already heavy rain and large waves are affecting northern Egypt including Alexandria and Cairo and there are concerns for Israel as the cyclone could head towards the Red Sea and bring heavy rain, high winds and a flooding risk as it nears the Suez Canal. There has already been severe weather for northern Egypt this week with flooding in Cairo and at least 8 people have died with deep flowing waters and the risk of electrocution. Questions were raised on social media about Cairo's ability to deal with heavy rains sue to its infrastructure and the maintenance of sewage and drainage systems.

Forecast winds Medicane Egypt

Generally, we see about one of these a year developing, an unofficial term. #Flooding. It's the tropical characteristics which make these cyclones so unusual, a warm core usually associated with hurricanes unlike our extra-tropical cyclones which come at the UK as storms or just ordinary low pressures.

Israel Weather - Showers and thunderstorms, mainly in the centre and south. Risk of flooding and flash floods. Strong winds. Expected rain amount of 50 to 75 mm.

Although in autumn there can be unsettled weather in the Mediterranean, these "medicanes" can bring damage and more widespread flooding in their travels. In 2018 one affected Italy, Malta and Greece and another in 2017 affected Italy. Names appear locally for these storms but there is not an official convention like for hurricanes and typhoons. 

Medicane characteristics warm core

"Egypt Meteorological Authority predicts moderate weather on Friday across the northern coasts, accompanied by heavy rainfalls across the northern areas and moderate rains across Lower Egypt and Cairo. Torrents are expected for some areas in Sinai."

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Egypt and Israel look to be the areas affected on Friday 25th Oct and Saturday, but the strong winds could affect shipping in the Suez Canal. The risk of flash flooding for low lying areas, wadis is the main concern. Israel has seen some rain in the south on Friday with severe weather expected overnight into the start of Saturday, also affected will be the Gaza strip and possibly western Jordan. Medicane or not there will be more severe weather from this cyclone. 


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