UK Weather - A new week, not as cold or wintry as Storm Deirdre clears off. Still wet and unsettled

16th December 2018 09:43

UK Weather - A new week, not as cold or wintry as Storm Deirdre clears off. Still wet and unsettled

What a difference a day makes! There is still ice about to watch out for in the aftermath of #StormDeirdre and the Northern Isles has a yellow wind warning until midday for severe gales. There is a roundup of yesterday's wild and wintry weather including the awful freezing rain in a blog looking at the late naming last week of Storm Deirdre. Below shows yesterday's mix of rain, sleet, snow and freezing rain leading to black ice

It's cool this morning, for all but the far SW. Many parts of the UK will stay around 5 or 6C but southern England will become milder at 9 or 10C. There is plenty of sunshine about. More high cloud over SW Britain from an approaching occluded front and the gales and more cloud in the far NE as yesterday's low pressure pulls away. The frontal band heading into the SW will bring outbreaks fo rain even thunder this afternoon, reaching into southern counties of England and Wales. There will be a few showers for western Scotland too, snow over the mountains but not amounting to much today and another band of heavier rain showers heading in from the NW to end the weekend. 

The SW band of showers heads over inland southern England, the Midlands and NW England during Sunday evening with a spell of wet weather moving right across England. It turns nippy but calm so there could be fog in places after the damp weather and frost as well.


Ireland will be blustery with a mild southerly wind on Monday, The breeze will pick up through the day for Britain. There will be a lot of fine, dry weather about on Monday with cloud and dampness increasing from the west later in the day. By Monday night a band of heavy rain will be heading in from the Atlantic. 

Effects of freezing rain from Saturday

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There will be a spell of wet and blustery weather with temperatures around 7 or 8C on Tuesday. The rain heads eastwards, so not spoiling the whole day but worth remembering if you do have a fine start to the day. And even after that further low pressures bring rain in from the Atlantic with brighter spells and air that isn't that cold. 

A wretched Saturday in the run-up to Christmas. The late named StormDeirdre



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