Issued: 9th September 2011 09:38

Batten Down The Hatches

As Michael Fish describes in his video alongside, and we've been updating on daily this week (see the latest Katia update here), ex hurricane Katia will be heading toward the UK during the upcoming weekend to bring a wild spell of weather from late Sunday and during Monday. Current thinking (which is firming up slowly, but there is still a fair bit of uncertainty over the track and intensity), is that it's northern Britain which will bear the brunt of the strongest winds and heaviest rain. Severe gales, perhaps even storm force winds are likely which is going to bring with it a risk of damage to trees and buildings - so please do stay in touch with the latest forecasts. Before we get to that point though there's a fair bit of weather about currently. It's a wet start across the bulk of Scotland this morning but elsewhere it's dry and with the south to southwest winds pulling in some warm (and humid) air, it's warm too with highs peaking into the mid-twenties for central and eastern England today and the high teens to low twenties elsewhere. It's not all warm sunshine though unfortunately as there will be showers around, particularly in the west and becoming more frequent and widespread through the day, on the plus side though, the persistent rain in Scotland will clear away to the north as the day wears on. Into tomorrow, it's still warm and humid - with eastern parts again into the mid-twenties but those showers in the west will become heavier (potentially thundery), and much more widespread, pushing further east as time goes on. By Sunday the bulk of that batch of showers will have cleared, but more will develop into the west and there's the threat of some rain running along the south of the country, but this isn't certain as yet - it may just miss. It's then all eyes to the west as the remnants of Katia arrive - and we'll keep you updated on this throughout the next few days..

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