16th October 2019 16:41

Video forecast: October Half term - Blustery showers to end this week, hope for next week, colder end to the month

Half term holidays -  The weeks off are varying quite a lot this year with many schools off from the 18th October, some a week later from 25th and Scotland already broken up in places. There has been a lot of rain already this month, plenty of soggy ground and flood warnings no ideal for a break in the UK. However even with a showery spell to end this week, there is still sunshine mixed in with the blustery weather although it is turning cooler. So a bit more frost and fog about and by the time the children do return to school it will be marching towards Christmas as British Summer Time will be over.

Jo Farrow has the forecast for the rest of this week, next video update on Weds 23rd October.

For the week 20th October onwards, finally this week's low pressure fades and so will the blustery showers. High pressure builds in, bringing some more settled weather and it won’t feel as cool.  By Weds 23rd it looks like the UK could be in-between weather systems, between two high pressures with quiet cloudy weather or a low to the NW will bring blustery showers or rain once more. After a bit of a lull in all this endless rain it does look like northern UK could see more unsettled conditions for the second part of the week with stronger winds but more southern areas stay drier. There is uncertainty about the divide, how much influence the low to the NW will have or if the more settled weather could hold on. 

Half term forecast UK October holidays

There is quite a lot of variation in the model output for the weekend of 26/27th but a signal for colder air for the end of the month so the week of 28th onwards. Bit far ahead for details, just an eye on themes.

Colder air for end of October UK

Forecast for your location here and keep an eye on the Netweather Radar app

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