Video by Jo Farrow
18th March 2019 15:44

Video: A more settled week of weather on the way

Jo Farrow brings us the latest weather forecast for the week ahead, and with high pressure playing more of a role, it's going to be much more settled than we've seen lately. Northern, Western and particularly Northwestern Britain will see some rain at times though.

Video Transcript

Hello, so far this March we've seen a lot of windy and wet weather, it's felt pretty chilly. Through this week, things are settling down as high pressure begins to build in the south, so for England and Wales there'll be some drier weather. Good news after the recent flooding, and it's not going to be as windy. There will be the odd low pressure skirting past Northern Ireland and western Scotland.

So on Wednesday, blustery conditions, a little bit of rain and another one on Friday which will bring some blustery winds and also more rain across Ireland and Northern Britain. But overall it's a drier picture, it is more settled and it's not as windy finally. So, there's still some flood alerts and flood warnings in place as all of that wet weather makes its way down from the hills and the mountains, the temperatures are rising nicely, particularly in the sunshine, so we will see the low to mid teens, perhaps the odd spot upto around 17.

So some strong sunshine, also a fair amount of cloud, we've still got some damp weather and a few showery bits coming in from the West to begin the week, but it looks like overall a drier, more settled picture for everyone.

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