UK Weather: A raw North wind, with ice and snow showers.  Cold Easterly for next week?

17th January 2019 09:17

UK Weather: A raw North wind, with ice and snow showers. Cold Easterly for next week?

There has been a bit of snow this morning and there is plenty of ice about. Snow showers moved over Scotland, into northern counties of Northern Ireland, a little over the Welsh mountains and an occluded front which has worked its way southwards bringing a wet and wintry mix. There has been snow in North Yorkshire, Coventry and the Peak District. The band is still moving southwards this morning as more snow showers appear in the far north and NE of Scotland.  It is cold this morning, by Loch Ness has been down to -5C. Cumbria and Co. Down -3C and inland Wales was around freezing at dawn.  

The northerly wind is making it feel bitterly cold. That will ease off for Northern Ireland this afternoon and then over western Britain. A moderate to fresh N then NW wind will only ease off this evening for eastern Britain but that backing of the wind will keep most of the showers out in the North Sea.

For most today, it will be a fine and bright day with plenty of sunshine but cold. This morning a few more wintry showers will clip eastern England and NE Scotland, that is the main feed to watch on the Netweather Radar app.

Although there are a few more moving south through Northern Ireland and a cluster for SW Wales (Pembrokeshire) into Cornwall and Devon. The frontal band over the M25 will take its flurries and clear away from Kent by lunchtime, so a better afternoon, but still cold. Temperatures will be around 4 to 6C today but feeling more like -3C in the wind.

Pressure rises through the day, settling things down as high cloud begins to appear from the west. It will turn cold and frosty tonight, again with the risk of ice. It looks dry for Britain as the last few wintry showers fade from Norfolk

The high pressure is over Europe and as a new occluding low tries to move in for Friday, the frontal band falters. So, there will be cloud and rain with the risk of sleet, hill snow and ice for Northern Ireland for the Friday morning commute. Ahead of this, it will be a fine bright start but cold and frosty, without the raw wind of today though for eastern Britain. Venus and Jupiter were visible this morning, looking SE. Venus the brighter higher one, jupiter fainter nearer the rooftop. 

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The frontal band edges into western Britain through Friday bringing cloud and damp weather and wintry mush for the hills and moors, a bit of snow to the Welsh mountains, Cumbrian Fells and Southern Uplands. The S to SE wind will freshen through the day as the wet weather nudges in. Less cold air will be heading in from the west, but it will still be a bit miserable with the cloudy damp, blustery conditions.

Later in the day, the band will reach into more of western Scotland with some snow for the Highlands and also the Pennines and Peak District. Milder air will tuck into the far SW behind the rain with temperatures up to 7C although still around 4 elsewhere.

Friday night will be nippy in the north but not as cold with more cloud for much of the UK in a southerly breeze.


The weekend looks rather mixed but with nothing severe. A scattering of showers, bright spells and feeling cool as it should in January. Colder air topples in from the NW at the end of Sunday so a frosty night and a cold start on Monday for back to school and work. As the winds fall light, there could also be some freezing fog about first thing.

Next week

Low pressures look to move in swirling about and bringing brisk cold winds and precipitation. So still the chance of snow and signs that a cold easterly could establish itself in middle to end of the working week but not that it will stay put. Stay warm. More chat on the forum. 

Will it snow? 

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