24th September 2018 08:46

UK Weather - Heating on or just a scarf or hat out of the cupboard? Warming up midweek

A bit chilly this morning. Southern Britain will be glad to see that back of the weekend rain. We now have high pressure over the UK and temperatures will be rising for the next few days. NW UK will be troubled with more cloud, showers and then frontal bands, with a lot of rain this week for western then NW Scotland.

We’ve started the working week with a chill in the air. Frost in places as temperatures fell near to or below zero. Worth popping the heating on for a bit? We’re past the autumnal equinox now.

There will be a lot of fine, sunny weather about, lighter winds. Not quite as windy after last week’s #StormAli and #StormBronagh.

It will still feel cool today with a NW or westerly breeze. Showers will feed into northern and western Scotland with some clipping Northern Ireland, maybe Cumbria on Monday.  Sheltered sunny spots will still feel okay but in the shade, there will be a nip in the air.

Tonight, as the high drifts eastwards we pick up a more SW breeze. Again, it will be a clear cool night for most, but the SW winds will freshen in the far NW. Frontal bands begin to pile in from the Atlantic bringing more cloud and then rain to Northern Ireland and western Scotland, later Cumbria and the Isle of Man. By Tuesday afternoon it will be windy away from southern Britain with fresh to strong SW winds, gales through The Minch. For the bulk of England and Wales, the fine weather continues thanks to the high pressure.

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It becomes warmer by Wednesday with temperatures in the high teens, just into the 20s C. The northern half of the UK stay windy but with more cloud and rain from the west.

Thursday will bring quite a contrast in temperatures. As a cold front moves southwards through Scotland, much colder air will tuck in behind, so a cold start here maybe even bringing some wintry showers. Ahead of the frontal rain will be warmer air and it could be the warmest day of the week up to 22C or 23C. Thursday night turns colder with a northerly flow and then a much fresher feel for Friday with plenty of fair bright weather.

Chilly next weekend with some cold nights but overall a lot of fine weather, just the threat of rain for the far NW. 

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