Ernesto's Rain Clearing But The Humid Air Will Stay

19th August 2018 10:28

Ernesto's Rain Clearing But The Humid Air Will Stay

The remnants of tropical storm Ernesto arrived overnight, with the low pressure right over the top of the country this morning, before heading out into the North Sea around lunchtime. The system has long lost its ferocity in terms of wind, so the main effects have been the rain and the tropical, humid air that it's brought with it. The wet weather is slowly clearing out of northern England and southern Scotland, but the humidity is going to be with us a few days yet. 

Raingall totals over the last 24 hours

For the remainder of the weekend, we're going to see a fair bit of cloud with some drizzly, showery rain sometimes affecting western facing hills in particular. There will be some breaks though, with the west of Scotland perhaps best placed for some sustained sunshine during the afternoon. 

Temperatures will be held back by the lack of sunshine a little, with 22-24c about the peak in the south and east, with 18-21c more typical. It will feel muggy and close though. That warm, humid air is going to hang around until at least midweek with southern parts keeping it longest. The change will start to come from the northwest from Wednesday as a weather front (bringing some rain) moves through, introducing fresher, cooler weather behind it. 

After a close, warm night, Monday will be quite similar to today. There'll be plenty of cloud still, but perhaps a few more sunny spells coming through, and where they do it'll feel very warm - especially in the south. Maxes may be up a degree or so on today as well, into the mid-twenties. There will still be the risk of the odd shower or drizzly bit of rain though. 

Tuesday will bring a change into the north and particularly the northwest of the country as low pressure moves close to the north of Scotland. That'll mean a spell of rain and wind, with the wettest weather affecting northwestern Scotland but much of northern Britain will see blustery winds for a time.

Strong winds on TuesdaySome of that rain will move southeast on Wednesday, but it'll fade the further it gets. Behind it, the air will be a touch fresher, with some sunny spells and scattered showers developing. To the south of it, it'll be very warm with muggy highs of 25-27c in places, especially where the sun breaks through for any length of time. 

Thursday will see the last of the warm air being pushed away from southeast England during the day, finally leaving all parts in a fresher airflow. Another thrust of cooler air will head down from the northwest, along with a fair few showers. A cool night then follows with lows down into single figures almost everywhere.

Friday then brings a day of sunshine and blustery showers, with the best of the sunny spells the further south and east you are, and the bulk of the showers in the north and west. Temperatures by this point will peak at 18-20c in the south and east, 15-18c further north and west. 

(Photo today of Kilchurn Castle - Argyll and Bute)

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