Still warm and murky but rain and wind on the way, hurricane? - No

26th September 2017 14:37

Still warm and murky but rain and wind on the way, hurricane? - No

It is quite murky and cloudy this morning, it’s grey with a bit of mist and fog. Sunshine will begin to appear and the day will improve. We continue to see mild even warm conditions across the UK in the south/SE flow. For the rest of the week, we have bands of rain strolling across the UK and blustery winds as it begins to turn a bit cooler. 

Overall, we keep the light winds today. There will be a moderate to fresh SE wind for coastal Scotland and a freshening wind for Northern Ireland. Temperatures will rise into the high teens even low twenties. With 20 or 21C likely around Greater London and southern inland counties. High teens for NW Scotland, Manchester region with many western parts doing quite well. Along the North Sea coasts especially for NE Britain, it will be cooler. Cloud will linger and the breeze off the sea will make it feel less warm. 

Overall, Tuesday will be a fine day once the fog lifts. The winds are picking up as a weather front heads towards western Ireland but with the high pressure still over Scandinavia, everything is queuing up, blocked by the High.

Blustery bands of rain for next few days, sunshine in between.

Wednesday looks to be a similar day for Britain with a bit more breeze but again the risk of early fog for SE Britain. There will be fine, bright conditions, more cloud in the far west and a weather front will begin to make progress in from the Atlantic.

Temperatures will be similar again, 18 to 20C except it will be cooler in the NE of Britain with the breeze off the sea. Through the afternoon, heavy rain will set in for Cornwall, then Devon, west coast Wales and move over Northern Ireland. This band will slowly move north-eastwards during Wednesday night, bringing a spell of heavy rain.

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By Thursday morning, the rain should be over Scotland and eastern England, with brighter, clearer conditions behind the frontal band. The winds will have veered to a more westerly direction and it will be noticeably colder to start Thursday for Northern Ireland and cooler for SW Britain. Eastern areas see the rain and cloud breaking up, so still with a few showery bits but it will feel warmer in the shelter of the westerly breeze. Further west, it will feel cooler but there will be a fine, sunny spell of weather. Then the winds pick up once more from the south and a new area of low pressure begins to throw in more rain from the west.

That band takes its time to move right across the UK on Friday as the winds ease and it could get stuck over SE England and East Anglia by Friday evening right into Saturday morning.

Friday and at the weekend will bring colder nights with a nip in the air and a touch of frost by early Sunday. This lingering rain could dampen Saturday for the SE, but most of the UK will have a fine Saturday with light winds. Sunday should start off fine for eastern UK and wet further west but we could see strengthening winds and more rain to end the weekend. There are uncertainties about the forecast by then as we have some tropical input for Atlantic developments.

Another deep area of low pressure could bring a spell of stormy weather to the UK late Sunday into early Monday, with Scotland looking most prone at the moment. It may get named Storm Brian if the UK Met Office or Met Eireann think the impacts of this low warrant an amber warning. This has not happened yet. 

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