Rain clearing with a better end to the weekend

Issued: 19th July 2015 10:31

Rain clearing with a better end to the weekend

Still low pressures trundle over the UK, bringing unsettled conditions and more wet weather. There will be warmth in the south to start the week but it turns cooler from the north later on.  This morning there has been rain, some heavy but it is clearing eastwards as clearer, drier weather appears in the south and west.

One area of heavy rain has just clear Kent and hefty pulses on the occluding front are now moving over the North York moors eastwards. This area trails all the way back to Cornwall. This front weakens as it moves across England. By the time it reaches London this afternoon it will just be more cloud and the odd shower so fingers cross for Lords at 24C.

Weather chart for earlier today

For much of England it does become a fine day with sunshine, mostly dry but with brisk west winds, particularly for northern and eastern England. SE Britain will reach into the low twenties, the West Country around 20/21C and northern England a bit cooler mid teens to 17C. The western Channel will have more cloud and an area of rain moving through so this could keep drab conditions for Channel coasts of Cornwall/Devon and Dorset late afternoon.

Northern Ireland is already seeing sunny spells in the north and east although there is still lingering cloud inland bringing a few showers. The moderate West wind eases down to light as temperatures rise. For the southeast it will feel okay in the sunshine at 17C. With a shower and more cloud it will stay around 14 or 15C further west.

Wales is really benefiting from the clearance of the occluding front. The band of rain and cloud is moving east, trailing from the W.Midlands to Cornwall. Southeast Wales will have to wait til late morning to join in the sunshine which is already over much of Wales. It will be coolish in the light to moderate West wind, widely mid teens, far SE up to 17 or 18C.

Temperatures this afternoon
Lighter winds over Scotland as the low centre moves through, but a fresh West wind will pickup for southern Scotland, although less lively at St Andrews for the Open.  The main area of rain will clear off into the North Sea but showers remain inland and for Fife with a fair amount of cloud and few bright spells. Feeling cool everywhere in the mid teens. Later this afternoon, it will improve with sunshine from the south and west. For the Open, the cool N/NE breeze will turn to the SE through the day at St Andrews and it will still feel cool and get blustery but not the same as the heavy rain and winds which caused the delays resulting in the extra day’s play for Monday.

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A new low pressure system to start the week

Low pressure on Monday
For Monday there will be another low moving in from the Atlantic bringing cloud and rain from the west. The English Channel will be murky and grey to start the day but East Anglia will see early sunshine and temperatures leap up, 23C before midday is possible and feeling humid But it is now Summer holidays for many more school in England and Wales so of course there will be rain about. After a promising start for eastern, northern and central England the rain will spread. A wet Monday morning for N.Ireland, covering Scotland by lunchtime. Cloud and outbreak of rain will move over Wales, SW England and NW England late morning and over lunch. It will then take its time to move over central and eastern England, becoming more showery with some parts missing it all together. 14 to 17C for Scotland, N.Ireland and Wales. England 16 to 23C and feeling muggy in the southeast.

Tuesday looks okay with showers from the NW, plenty of sunny spells and some warmth in the SE. Cold Tuesday night in Scotland. Okay start for Wednesday but a band of rain moving into Ireland then eastwards. And that really is the theme of things. Flow off the Atlantic bringing showers. More showers for western parts, fewer in the east, sunny spells. Cool in the breeze but managing low 20s for SE England and E.Anglia. Could be worse, could be better, summer continues.

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