Feels like April, mild and showery

24th February 2014 08:10

Feels like April, mild and showery

It will be very mild today in England, with some spots, in the east, having temperatures closer to those expected at the end of April. Today's weather system bought a very windy Sunday in SE Scotland, Edinburgh recording gusts of 60mph, ahead of the cold front which is now over Britain.  Then a bit of a lull before the next Atlantic system comes in for Monday night into Tuesday. It will feel mild this week up until Thursday as another low pressure system arrives but as that clears it will turn decidedly chilly. There will be plenty of blustery showers about, some hefty, with hail and later in the week wintry for the hills and at times with gales.

The temperatures to start the day show where the cold front is. N.Ireland and Scotland around 4C and England & Wales at 7 or 8C. Eastern England is enjoying a sunny start this morning. The band of rain (which is a waving front) has been bringing heavy rain to Wales, northern Britain and just beginning to clear western N.Ireland. There will be heavy rain over N.England this morning with some difficult conditions for the Pennine routes with surface spray and poor visibility, and risk of snow on the tops. Do take care on the Monday commute. Also, if it is back to school after half term, it will be wet for Wales, W.Midlands, C&S Scotland (bit of snow for the Southern Uplands possible) and northern England. The rain will move eastwards today, weakening, becoming more light and patchy as it moves over central and eastern England this afternoon. So for N.Ireland, there will be a drier brighter spell around the middle of the day before the cloud and winds increase and more rain arrives. Co. Antrim up to 10C. Wales will see some fine bright condition around the middle of the day and through the afternoon. Still with the odd shower but feeling mild at 11C. Scotland has a damp cloudy morning but with brighter skies and sunshine coming through for NW Highlands and the Islands. There will still be a scattering of showers in the afternoon but for many it will be fine at 7C. England will be mild ahead of the cold front. East Anglia in any sunshine could reach 14C today (Cambs. maybe 15C). For the rest of England, around 11C falling to 7C in the NW with a brighter afternoon for the west in a fresh S wind.
Monday night an occluding system rattles in, bringing some heavy rain but moving eastwards fast. By midnight, there will be heavy rain over N.Ireland, Wales and SW England with southerly gales.  Heavier pulses move along the English Channel coastal counties, and also SW Scotland up into Tayside. Temperatures in Scotland and N.Ireland dip to 3C but otherwise it is a mild night with a fresh S wind
This rain will be clearing Scotland and SE England and E.Anglia to start Tuesday. Then, we are into blustery showers once more, with the wettest weather continuing for western Scotland. There will be hail and thunder mixed in with the showers, a bit of snow for the Highlands. NE and E.Scotland could see the best of the sunshine in some shelter and also brighter for NE England. The S or SW winds continue to make a windy day, particularly through the Irish Sea
The showers ease off a bit overnight, as do the winds for N.Britain.

Wednesday many parts will be drier and brighter although western fringes continue with the shower threat and more downpours are likely over Scotland, N.Ireland, Wales and NW England. These showers ease off through the day before the next band of rain arrives from the west on Wednesday night. This rain will be heavy at times and the winds will strengthen again from the South. The eastern Channel around East Anglia could have S gales to start Thursday
Even as the main band of rain clears away into the North Sea on Thursday there will be more wet weather following it. There will also be more chance of seeing wintry bits over the hills, in the showery pattern. The winds become more westerly and temperatures drop a touch and it will feel chilly. Thursday night will be the coldest so far this week with temperatures widely falling to zero.

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