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Torrential Rain, Storms and Localised Flooding

Published on 3rd October 2013 09:27

Torrential Rain, Storms and Localised Flooding

There's a fair bit of weather to talk about this morning, with heavy rain, thunderstorms and localised flooding all on the cards today. Overnight the heaviest rain has been affecting parts of Ireland along with western and central Scotland which is likely to continue for much of the day, also incoming from the south is another batch of (in places) torrential rain and thunderstorms.

The radar image from a short while ago show's what's happening, with some really bright echoes in there. (Click here to view the live weather radar)
Rainfall radar from Thursday morning
Rainfall totals today in the wettest spots are likely to exceed 25-50mm, with some really high rain rates in the heaviest downpours. It's western regions which are likely to see the most rain, with parts of Western Scotland on the receiving end of 50-80mm by the time the day is out, with prone spots in southwest England not too far behind. Just about anywhere could catch a spell of torrential rain during the next 24 hours though so do take care if you're out and about. 

Through the evening and overnight the rain, showers and storms will slowly clear away northestward, but they will be followed by some further sharp downpours into the west - particularly the southwest. They'll continue into Friday as well becoming more widespread for a time before slowly easing off later on. Despite the rain, temperatures will still be in the mild category, and it'll be feeling humid as well - highs on both Thursday and Friday ranging from 16-21c typically. 

With the storm risk today, we have issued a detailed storm forecast.

Into the weekend it's all change again with high pressure making a return, so more settled with some sunshine to be had and although the nights will be chilly with some mist and fog patches possible, daytime temperatures should still be well up into the teens, maybe even low twenties in the south. By Sunday an Atlantic front may start to make it's presence felt in the far northwest bringing some wetter weather here, but elsewhere the high pressure is likely to stay in charge into the start of next week.

Michael Fish will be online later today with his forecast for the weekend and beyond, so don't forget to check back for that this afternoon.

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