Bank Holiday Weekend - The Latest

Issued: 24th August 2010 12:51

Bank Holiday Weekend - The Latest

If you're looking for today's closer range weather summary, you can find it here. With the bank holiday approaching, the weather this week is hardly building confidence in it being a fine, dry one but changes are afoot... Toward the end of this week high pressure will do all it can to ridge up from the southwest towards the UK and settle the weather down, and at the current time the odds are just beginning to tilt in favour of it being fairly successful, although how much of the weekend is settled will depend on how far north and east you are. The reason for this is that the low pressure is likely to try to run down the north sea at around the same time with the UK becoming the battleground between the two opposing forces. What this also means is that confidence at this stage is a little lower than would usually be the case at this type of range - so it's definitely important to keep an eye on the forecasts over the next few days to keep up with the latest. As it currently stands though, the expectation is that from Friday onward the high pressure will start to make it's presence felt - initially settling the weather down in Southwest England and Ireland. Into the weekend it creeps further north and east during Saturday, but there are likely to be some showers around away from the southwest quarter of the country, and particularly through Northern and Eastern parts. Sunday should see the improving picture push that little way further northeast, with less in the way of showers, with Bank holiday Monday itself shaping up to be fine and mainly dry just about everywhere. It's important to remember though there is some uncertainty still - so if you're making plans based on the weather it will be a good idea to build in some contingency plans in case things change! Next update tomorrow...

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