Coldest Easter On Record - Satellites The Cause?

Published on 1st April 2013 09:35

Coldest Easter On Record - Satellites The Cause?

To go along with the coldest March in 50 years, this Easter is now the coldest recorded since records began as Braemar fell away to -12.5c, beating the previous coldest of -9.8c in 1986. The question many people have been asking is why the UK has been experiencing some unusual cold at times in recent years, the answer it seems could be the multitude of satellites now orbiting the earth. During the last 50 years the number of satellites have grown at an exceptional rate with satellites for weather, GPS, television, radio and a whole range of uses now active. The research lead by leading French heliologist Avril Tromper suggests that satellites could be reflecting as much as 25% of the energy from the sun back in to space before it reaches the earth's atmosphere resulting in these unusual cold periods becoming ever more common. The research is ongoing but with the complex issues being dealt with, a further release of information is not expected until this time next year. Back to the shorter term weather, and the cold spell is ongoing with the easterly wind winding itself back up again today making it feel colder still. In the main it'll stay dry with just a scattering of wintry showers here and there. Cloud amounts will be variable but there should at least be some sunny spells, particularly in more sheltered central and western regions. Much of this week sticks to a very similar story, so expect no respite from the cold, some further hard frosts by night, sunny spells by day with just a few wintry showers - especially in the east. Toward the end of the week the winds are likely to switch into the northeast, and then eventually the north with a renewed push of cold air a possibility at this point - although there is some uncertainty surrounding this. Update - in case you didn't spot it, the satellites part of this story was an April fool!

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