Staying Mild For Now, But Change On The Way

Published on 5th January 2013 10:34

Staying Mild For Now, But Change On The Way

Little change in the weather during the coming days with high pressure hanging around close to the south of the country keeping it generally mild, mainly dry and cloudy. Further north and west there will be some wetter spells though. Beyond the coming days though there are some changes afoot with temperatures tending to fall away a little at least as we move through the second part of next week and that may set a trend for ever colder weather as we move toward the middle of the month. One of the reasons changes look to be afoot is a warming of temperatures in the stratosphere. This subject is one which has come more to the fore in recent years as we start to understand the part it can play - if you'd like to find out more you can find some further information by following the links below: Stratosphere tutorial Stratosphere charts Stratosphere temperature watch Back to the next few days though, and today we have some rain working it's way across Ireland and later into western and northern Scotland. Elsewhere it's a dry but often grey picture, although there should be some breaks in the cloud coming through particularly in regions sheltered from the southwest breeze. Overnight most places stay comfortably above freezing but there's a possibility of a touch of frost affecting parts of northeast Scotland. Into tomorrow it's a virtual repeat performance the rain returning to Ireland and Scotland during the day. Looking ahead to next week, more wet weather affects Scotland, Ireland and perhaps also NW England into Monday, still mainly dry and mild elsewhere. That rain will push southeast into Tuesday though with cooler, clearer weather following in behind and that'll mark the start of the change with chillier temperatures by day and frosts making a comeback by night. That rain may hang around in the southeast into midweek though.

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