Week Ahead Forecast: Into August

Issued: 31st July 2022 13:24

Week Ahead Forecast: Into August

Although somewhat mixed over the past few days, it's remained very warm and dry in the South and South East, where it's been yet another particularly arid month. Carrying on from the spring and June that all had below-average rainfall, drought restrictions here seem increasingly likely. But with a conveyor belt of Atlantic systems affecting the country at first this week, even the parched South and East should at least see a little rain, mostly around mid-week.

How much the South and South East get, will very much depend on the track of these systems. But with good model agreement through the coming week, amounts will probably not be enough to avoid at least some water restrictions before it becomes fine and dry again later in the week.

Although closer to normal further North, it'll remain very warm and humid in the South and South East until mid-week, with temperatures despite a lot of cloud at times continuing to reach the mid to high twenties Celsius. It then turns cooler and fresher from the North West, before sunny spells lengthen to lift temperatures again towards next weekend.


Cloud and remnants of yesterday's welcome rain clear from the East, to leave most parts dry with sunny spells in light winds. The afternoon though sees cloud moving into Northern Ireland, West Wales and the South West, bringing some rain. This together with freshening winds spreads to most parts after dark, but with precious little rain if any in the South and South East.


Mainly cloudy, with Atlantic systens bringing some rain to most parts. There'll be heavier bursts especially in the North and West, but in the South and South East, amounts may again be lighter and patchy. It'll also be quite windy with gales likely in the North and North West. Remaining warm and humid in central and southern parts. Further occasional rain or showers after dark.


Some rain or showers for most, but with clearer somewhat cooler, fresher weather working its way through the day into Scotland and Northern Ireland from the North West. Still warm and humid though in the East and South. The cooler, fresher air should spread to most parts overnight.


Residual cloud and patchy rain clears from the East and South, leaving all parts brighter with sunny spells. But a few showers, most likely in the North and East. Top temperatures of 14 to 17C in the North and 19 to 22C in the South, will be down on recent values but generally still well up to normal.

Friday and next weekend

The Azores high re-asserts itself, bringing mostly dry fine weather. Becoming warmer again too with increasing amounts of sunshine particularly in central and southern parts by Sunday. But across Scotland, it'll be breezier for a while and more cloudy with some rain or showers mainly in the North. 

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