Weekend high pressure brings settled, fair weather to end February

Issued: 26th February 2021 07:43
Updated: 26th February 2021 08:22

Weekend high pressure brings settled, fair weather to end February

High pressure over the UK will bring a settled, fine weekend. It will be nippy by night with some frost and fog but still mild by day but not as warm as it has been. Still with lighter winds and sunshine, it won’t feel too bad at all.

For those areas that have seen ongoing heavy rain, this will be a welcome respite and a chance for river levels to decrease and it has been very windy, so some calm after all of that.

fallen tree in strong winds

Beautiful full moon earlier this morning but it is a colder start with temperatures around or just below zero inland. A warm front is brushing past northern Scotland with more cloud and a little rain as the high pressure builds in from the south. The cold front will approach from the NW this evening, but it struggles up against the high. So that will bring some overnight rain to Northern Ireland and western Scotland, pivoting on Saturday morning from SW Scotland into Cumbria but otherwise, that is about it for rain. There will be more cloud around that frontal band and more low cloud and murk by Sunday morning but essentially there will be a lot of fair dry weather with light winds and for some, warm sunshine.  

This week Suffolk experienced 18.4C in a continental southerly flow. Through the weekend temperatures will be around 9 to 13C with London likely to reach 14C.


For much of the UK, it will be a fine, dry day with sunshine very light winds for southern Britain, a light west or south-westerly wind for Northern Ireland and northern Britain with a fresh to strong southerly wind for west coast Scotland and the Western Isles. The frontal cloud and patchy rain overnight will keep the temperatures up for Northern Ireland and much of Scotland with a light SW wind but nippy again for inland England and Wales. Clear skies and light winds with some fog here.

For Saturday the frontal band will bring more cloud over northern England, particularly the NW and also the north coast of Wales. Still a slight westerly flow over Scotland and very light NE winds for southern England. By Saturday night there will be more low cloud over a central swathe of the UK, some linked to the faded front and low cloud and murk through the Irish Sea and surrounding counties and also pulled into SE England from the North Sea.

Sunday looks lovely if you are planning a local walk or bike ride. Dry with light winds. Sunshine appearing if there is early low cloud and after a cool start, temperatures will rise to around 10 to 12C. And the settled fair weather continues into next week. The high shifts but keeps enough influence that the UK weather stays mostly dry and settled but not quite as mild with temperatures slipping to around 9C.

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