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Issued: 6th October 2020 17:26
Updated: 7th October 2020 06:49

Yucatan, Mexico: Dangerous Hurricane Delta following Gamma rains

Yucatan Gamma and Hurricane DElta satellite

Red alerts are now appearing for parts of Mexico including Cancun as Hurricane Delta approaches, now at Category 4 status

Extremely dangerous Hurricane Delta continues towards the NE coast of the Yucatan peninsula. Expected to bring a life-threatening storm surge and extreme winds. NHC

What was Tropical Storm Gamma is barely fading over the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico as Delta looms in. (The Atlantic hurricane season has thrown up so many tropical storms and several hurricanes that all the available names have been used up and we are now into the backup list of Greek Alphabet letters, hence Gamma and also Delta.)

Gamma brought heavy rain as it lingered over the area, including the world UNESCO site in Campeche but what is now causing further concerns is Hurricane Delta which is forecast to move by early on Wednesday morning , local time. This is already a major hurricane and there are warnings for storm surge, damaging winds and torrential rain with the risk of flooding and landslides.

Whereas Gamma has stayed and brought high rainfall totals, Delta is expected to smash through dumping more rain on sodden ground, bring the devastation of a major hurricane and then clear away northwards over the Gulf of Mexico towards the United States with a second landfall expected along the coast of Louisiana.

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There are warnings for Yucatan of heavy rains, thunderstorms and already the threat of landslides and flooding. Non-essential movements and tasks are being suspended, with flights soon to be cancelled. This hurricane has strengthened very quickly. 

Key Messages Hurricane Delta Advisory No.8 15z 6th Oct : Extremely dangerous storm surge and hurricane conditions are expected within portions of the northern  Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico beginning tonight, and a Hurricane Warning is in effect.

Hurricane Delta Yucatan and Gamma

RAIN: Delta is expected to produce 4 to 6 inches of rain, with isolated maximum totals of 10 inches, across portions of the northern Yucatan Peninsula through midweek leading to significant flash flooding and mudslides. Heavy rain for Cayman Islands and western Cuba. 

STORM SURGE:  A life-threatening storm surge will raise water levels in areas of onshore winds by as much as 9 to 13 ft above normal tide levels along the northern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. Near the coast, the surge will be accompanied by large and destructive waves.

WIND: In the Yucatan Peninsula, potentially catastrophic hurricane conditions are expected in portions of the warning area early Wednesday.

Hurricane Delta Cancun

The north Gulf coast of the US is already beginning to prepare for Hurricane Delta and it’s arrival Friday into Saturday.

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