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Issued: 23rd September 2020 17:09

Autumn weather turmoil before a fine but cool weekend

The weather is certainly shifting gears this week but by the weekend many areas will see a lot of fine, settled weather with light winds but a much cooler feel in the air.

Thursday sees a low pressure move across southern Ireland where there are yellow wind warnings and then roll about Wales and SW England during the day before heading eastwards to clear on Thursday night. This low brings bands of heavy showers, blustery winds and the risk of gales for SW Britain.

By Friday the weather is becoming drier and brighter but with a cold NW flow. There could be some delay in the rain clearance for eastern Britain with strong winds. Widespread brisk chilly winds will still bring a few showers but there will be more fine weather just feeling much colder. If you are planning on sitting outside until 10pm do note, once the sun starts to disappear on Friday evening it is going to be chilly. Even frost in the forecast for inland northern Britain.

The weekend

Last weekend was quite lovely with lots of fine weather, warmth and sunshine. This coming weekend also has a lot of fine weather, with a possible rain interruption for the SW on Saturday. Also, some lingering showers for North Sea coastal areas.  The winds will be light, overnight will be chilly but there will be a lot of sunshine but just a nip in the air, more noticeable in the shade and evenings


It will be cold in the evenings, take your woolly hat. Once the sun is gone, it will be much colder than over recent weeks.  A frost is forecast for inland Scotland and the far north of England. SW Britain could see rain on Saturday morning but there is some uncertainty about how it will brush by. Also, eastern England may see more cloud and a few showers blown in on the breeze

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After an unsettled few days and with that chilly wind on Friday, the weekend promises some better conditions. Most areas will have lighter winds. It is just the east coast of Britain which could keep more of a northerly wind into Saturday, it depends on the clearance of that low. Early mornings will be cold and there is mention of frost in the north, something long forgotten throughout lockdown months. It’s a tricky time of year with a real fresh, cool nip in the air but warm sunshine

Hill walking/Rambling

Friday will be very windy and cold.  Friday night will be chilly with a frost for inland northern Britain. The North York Moors will still have a brisk cold wind on Saturday morning, it should ease down. Also blustery for the Norfolk Broads if you are heading into the wind, even into Sunday morning. Overall, there will be a lot of fair, bright weather, with warm sunshine. For the NW Highlands and north Grampians there could be some wintriness in any early showers on Saturday. The winds will fall light over Snowdonia and the Mourne Mountains quickly on Saturday. There is just the risk of rain for the Brecon Beacons, Exmoor and Dartmoor during Saturday, however, it will be worth watching how the forecast develops and not writing off that day just yet. By Sunday there should be more sunshine for western areas but more cloud further east off the North Sea.

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