Netweather uses small text files known as cookies to enhance your experience of our website. These cookies contain small snippets of non personally identifiable data to allow us to save your preferences and deliver a more personal and customised service to you. A typical example of this would be the saving of your last used forecast location on a local forecast so it shows on your next visit to the site. You can find out more about cookies and how they work on

1st party cookies which are set by netweather fall into 2 categories - essential (such as session tracking to keep you logged in) and non-essential. You can opt-out of the main non-essential cookies by clicking the button below.

Our main cookies
Cookie Name Cookie Use
sess An essential session cookie (so this deletes every time you close your browser), it allows us to keep you logged in to netweather extra (if you are a subscriber)
x-mapping An essential session cookie, it helps us balance web traffic across our servers
euconsent An essential cookie, it tells us if you've opted in or out of our non-essential cookies
ct A non-essential cookie, it saves your forecast location for your next visit
rv6loc A non-essential cookie, it saves your radar zoom location for your next visit
tformat A non-essential cookie, it saves your preference to display temperature in celsius or fahrenheit
You are currently consenting to use cookies
Analytics cookies
These monitor how visitors move around the Website and how they reached it. This is used so that we can see total (not individual) figures on which types of content users enjoy most, for instance. We use Google Analytics for this and should you wish to, you can opt out of these here:
Google analytics opt-out extension

Third-party service cookies
Social sharing, comments, video and some other services we offer are run by other companies who may use cookies when you use their services.

Facebook (we use these for comments and logins) - Facebook data use policy
Addthis (social sharing) - AddThis - what you should know
Twitter (logins and social tweets) - Twitter Privacy policy

Third party advertising cookies
We sell advertising space on the netweather site, this enables us to offer content and services for free.

As part of this, some of our advertisers may use cookies to try to show you more relevant adverts. These cookies hold information about the computer - they don't hold personal information about you (ie it's not linked to you as an individual), but they might hold a record of what other websites you've looked at - so we could show you a holiday advert if you've previously visited a travel/holiday website.

You can opt-out of these cookies by visiting the websites below - please note though that this won't mean you will no longer see adverts on netweather, it simply means that they will no longer be tailored to your interests. These opt-outs will opt-you out of the advertising cookies for all websites that carry advertising from the same providers, not just netweather.

Your online choices - cookie info and opt-outs for the majority of the major advertising companies - including those used by Netweather - Your Online Choices

Google DFP - this is the adserver we use, you can find out more about the cookies it uses and opt out options here - Google DFP privacy polcies

Switch concepts is another adserver used on Netweather - find out more information about the cookies it uses here.

Taboola - advertising - Cookie Info and Opt-Out.

Tremor Video - video advertising - Tremor Video privacy policy

Browser Settings
As well as the options above, all browsers have settings enabling you to limit or block cookies. For more information on this, please check the help files built into your browser or visit your browser makers website.

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