Harvest moon on Friday 13th/Sat 14th, will the UK weather allow clear skies ?

13th September 2019 13:35

Harvest moon on Friday 13th/Sat 14th, will the UK weather allow clear skies ?

Tonight, there will be a full moon and as it is the nearest full moon to the autumn equinox it is known as a Harvest Moon. Out in the countryside, farmers have been busy with their harvest, bales are appearing, fields emptying and farm traffic is on the move.

In days gone past the light of a full harvest moon would help farmers gather in their crops well into the night. With high pressure building there is some fine, dry weather for the end of this week, just what is needed. It’s not quite five steady days but England and Wales, in particular, are in for settled conditions and warmth on Sunday.


The moon rises before 8pm from the E/NE The moon will set on Saturday morning around 0630 in the W/SW. It is a micro moon rather than a super moon as it is a more distant part of its elliptical path.

Harvest Moon cloud cover

For much of the UK there will be clear skies and it stays dry. It will be nippy again with strengthening winds for the far north of Scotland. Cloud  also increases from the NW as a front edges in and the SW winds pick up. Elsewhere some good viewing with clear skies and low levels of pollution.

Harvest Moon temperatures UK

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Other names for the Full Moons are Snow moon, Strawberry moon and Wolf moon, all just names but at least this one makes more sense this year with the mostly fine, settled weather.

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