Weekend: Rain For Scotland Today, Otherwise Sunshine & Showers, Warm In Sunshine

18th May 2019 09:52

Weekend: Rain For Scotland Today, Otherwise Sunshine & Showers, Warm In Sunshine

Most of the UK saw a largely dry week, thanks to high pressure in charge and it was rather warm too across the north, with close to 26C on the shores of Loch Ness back on Wednesday, making Scotland’s warmest day of the year so far and the UK’s joint warmest day of the year so far. It has turned cooler over the last few days, with some showers spreading west across England and Wales too, as high pressure retreats and an easterly wind picks up. The Highlands of Scotland again the warmest spot in the UK, Thursday and yesterday, reaching the low twenties. However, today sees cooler conditions, cloudy skies and outbreaks of rain spread west across Scotland and Northern Ireland while further south sees warm sunshine but also a scattering of showers, perhaps heavy, developing. Sunday most areas seeing sunny spells but also scattered heavy showers developing.


For now, a lot of low cloud, mist and murk across Scotland and N. Ireland this morning with outbreaks of rain spreading west, persistent in places. Further south, cloudy and dull too across much of England and Wales, with patchy drizzle or light rain in places, however, there is some bright or sunny spells across SE England along with west Wales and the far NW of Scotland.

Through the morning and into the afternoon, the cloudy skies across England and Wales should thin and break to allow some warm sunny spells to develop, but this will trigger a scattering of heavy showers to develop, some of which will heavy locally with hail and the odd rumble of thunder possible. Much of Scotland and N. Ireland staying cool, dull and damp with further patchy outbreaks of rain, though it’s just possible that drier and brighter conditions may spread in across eastern Scotland in the evening.

Temperatures only reaching 12-13C in the cloudy and damp conditions affecting Scotland and N. Ireland, but further south with some sunshine we are looking at 15-19C the highs, though cooler along eastern coasts with onshore northeasterly breeze.


Scotland and N. Ireland hanging on to thicker cloud with patchy outbreaks of rain, though perhaps becoming drier across eastern Scotland. Low cloud, mist and fog returning across northern and eastern England, but central and southern areas should become dry with clear spells once today’s showers fade, some mist or fog patches possible in rural areas. Temperatures holding up between 7-11C, so frost-free.

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Quite a few areas starting off on a cloudy but dry note, but the sunshine breaking through the cloud during to bring another day of warm sunny spells, but also a scattering of showers developing, locally heavy with hail and thunder. Winds will be generally light, so showers will be slow-moving, but the upside is that it will feel a little warmer in the sunny spells. It will be cloudy and murky with showery outbreaks of rain at first across western Scotland and perhaps N. Ireland, but this should clear with sunny spells developing through the morning across Scotland and N. Ireland, sunshine and scattered slow-moving showers in the afternoon. Temperatures reaching 14-16C in the north, 17-20C in the south.

Next week

As we head into next week, the UK will remain under the influence of a large area of low pressure centred over central Europe. So after a mostly dry and bright start to Monday, eastern areas of Scotland and England will see sunny spells but also some heavy and perhaps thundery showers developing, western areas mostly dry and sunny. Temperatures reaching the mid-to-high teens generally, perhaps low 20s Celsius in the south.

Perhaps fewer showers on Tuesday and Wednesday, with most areas remaining dry with some warm sunny spells, any showers that do develop most likely across the north and east, where they could be locally heavy and thundery. Maybe some more general rain spreading west across Scotland later on Wednesday. Some uncertainty for Thursday and Friday, but it could turn more unsettled off the Atlantic, as winds turn southwesterly, with outbreaks of rain spreading east and windier too.

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