Week Ahead: Mixed Weather Ahead Of A Dry, Sunny Bank Holiday Weekend

28th April 2019 11:54

Week Ahead: Mixed Weather Ahead Of A Dry, Sunny Bank Holiday Weekend

Storm Hannah is just about done with us now, as it's rapidly weakening in the North Sea. But, as a parting gift, it'll help to develop showers in eastern England today - particularly southeast England and East Anglia. 

Beyond today, we have a mixed week coming up, with bands of rain trying to get into western parts at first, then into midweek having some more success and making their way further east. It's not all doom and gloom though, with plenty of dry, fine weather to be had in eastern and central areas in particular to start, then most parts looking set for a sunny holiday weekend too.

The first of those western rain bands is in play today, bringing some patchy wet weather into Northern Ireland and eastern Ireland, along with the southwest of England and the far west of Wales to start with.

Radar at 0955 this morningCheck the live radar

It will make some progress east, eventually clearing from Ireland but won't get beyond the southwest or western side of Wales before really fading away. 

In the meantime, the showers in eastern and southeast England will tend to die away during the second half of the afternoon - having brought some heavy, perhaps even thundery downpours earlier. That'll then leave much of the country in the same boat, with some sunny spells - the best of these in the east, and temperatures of 11-14c. The east coast will be cooler though, with winds blowing in off of a chilly North Sea. 

Lighter winds on Sunday

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Overnight, some patchy bits and pieces of rain will continue to affect western fringes, but elsewhere it's dry with clear periods. That could lead to some patchy ground frost in places, and also some fog in eastern and central areas by dawn. 

Into Monday, and murk and fog should clear quite quickly to leave many with a dry and bright day, with good sunny spells. There could be one or two showers in the east, and some drizzly bits of rain still affecting western Britain. But it's into Ireland (south and north) where any meaningful rain will be reserved for, with some showery outbreaks moving through.

Monday afternoon temperatures

It'll be a slightly warmer day than today (Sunday), with highs reaching 13-16c. The north of Scotland could be the warmest and sunniest region with 17-18c possible here, aided by the foehn effect in southeast winds.

Tuesday will bring another Atlantic front in from the west, crossing into Ireland overnight and then making reasonably slow progress east. This one will have a bit about it, so there'll be some heavier rain in the mix, and it'll eventually be the one which breaks through and makes it across the whole country into Wednesday. Timings are a bit uncertain though, and it may be that it doesn't make much of an impact on mainland Britain until much later Tuesday, leaving the majority with a fine, bright or sunny day. But, at the moment, the models suggest it may move east a bit more quickly making it halfway across Scotland and into the fringes of Wales and NW England by Tuesday evening. 

The process will carry on overnight and into Wednesday, the rain will tend to fade during the evening and overnight, but don't be deceived, as it'll perk up again during the day on Wednesday as it moves southeast through England and Wales, with some heavy, thundery downpours likely. 

Into Thursday, wet and blustery weather will move down from the northwest, affecting Scotland and Northern Ireland in particular. Further southeast, a drier day is expected but not entirely certain, as some forecasting models do move that rain in the northwest, southeast quite speedily. 

Drying Out For the Bank Holiday Weekend

Into the latter part of the week, and the holiday weekend, it does look like the wetter weather will begin to clear away from most places to bring lots of settled, sunny weather. The northwest could see some rain and wind return by the time the weekend is out though.

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