A look at Tuesday's snow and January chill.  Did you want to build a snowman?
Blog by Jo Farrow
23rd January 2019 08:53

A look at Tuesday's snow and January chill. Did you want to build a snowman?

Tuesday 22nd January brought excitement for some and disruption to others as snow showers reached across the UK on a cold NW wind.

Overnight temperatures have fallen to -10C in NE Scotland with a widespread frost and warnings for ice as the snow became compacted and froze like a pane of glass.

For Wednesday 23rd January there will still be a few snow showers but not as many as on Tuesday.

Tuesday started with a cold front clearing off into the North Sea allowing much colder air to flood across the UK. The brisk NW to W winds brought a host of showers, with snow falling in western Scotland n reaching Glasgow for rush hour and wintry showers beginning to appear over Northern Ireland, NW England and Wales.


By lunchtime, showers had reached the West Midlands and West Country, with more over western Scotland and few managing to reach right across to Fife.

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Then by late afternoon into the evening, there were heavy showers for Northern Ireland and big fat snowflakes across central southern England, moving east into the East Midlands and inland SE England. This gave a proper wintry scene, settling snow and a covering of white. Short-lived but still a sight to behold.

However, there was disruption with widespread ice, a covering of snow and people’s ability to drive to the conditions or just not bothering to slow down. Tyre garages probably have a queue for winter or all-weather tyres today. By the end of Tuesday, there were clear skies, lying snow and a frost as temperatures fell below freezing, down to -10C in Aberdeenshire. Warnings for ice remain for Wednesday. 

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