Easterly chill, frost and ice with brief wintry showers in the mix. Coats and gloves on.

19th November 2018 08:43

Easterly chill, frost and ice with brief wintry showers in the mix. Coats and gloves on.

We have a cold week coming up, with an easterly wind. The flow around a high pressure over Scandinavia will bring plenty of cloud across the North Sea. You might see flurries of sleet as heavier showers move through, but any wintry bits will only settle on the hills. And it will be cold in the brisk east wind especially on Tuesday and there will be frosts and ice this week.

As the week progresses a low pressure develops near the Bay of Biscay and begins to influence our UK weather. The large high pressure slips westwards towards Iceland and the flow isn’t quite as cold or windy. Although many parts of the UK do stay dry over the next few days there is more chance of rain, in the far southwest, later this week.

Today we have a cool start but there will be sunshine, mostly for western shores and NW Britain. The easterly flow is pushing the low cloud and gloom in from the sea. This brisk wind will make it feel cold as temperatures only rise to 9 or 10C. Caught in this flow will be showers, of rain, hail, sleet later today and a little snow over the hills around the Thames Estuary. East Anglia into south Lincolnshire will also see showers which will look to have an icy tinge as the day progresses and the showers push further inland.  

By Tuesday there will be more showers for eastern Britain, and so more hills seeing wintry bits. It will feel cold tomorrow, with a fresh wind driving across the country. Even at lower levels in the east, you could see whiteness from hail or brief sleet or wet snow, but it won’t last. Five minutes if it does lie, longer on the grass or fields and then gone. There will be more showers for NE Britain as the week progresses and few in the SE. Air temperatures on Tuesday might reach 7 or 8 but it will feel much colder in the wind. The winds ease off overnight, in the south and far NW so again a frost and this does bring an ice risk over as temperatures dip in any cloud breaks. There will be a few cms of snow where the showers hit, for Pennines, Peak District, North York Moors, Cheviots and Grampians. Some even reaching the Welsh mountains

These showers will be quite mixed but also there could be thunder and lightning at times in the heavier ones. Quite a cluster look to be heading into eastern England during Tuesday night, reaching Yorkshire and the Pennines, before pushing northwest on Wednesday morning.

This will bring a wet, miserable spell of weather over NE England, then southern and eastern Scotland, into Northern Ireland by lunchtime. With a brisk E to NE wind and wintry bits for that higher ground that won’t be very nice. For southern Britain, the winds will be easing off, it will be brighter and even with a cold start, it should be a better day. With the low in the south coming into play there could be rain showers around the English Channel and over SW England but not feeling as cold.

More frosts with cloudy showery flow into NE Britain, but sunny spells and lighter winds for most. Just the SW could see more hefty showers and brisk winds as the week progresses. Get out your winter clothes and source a de-icer. 

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