Rain At Times, Breezy, Driest In The South And East

16th August 2018 09:42

Rain At Times, Breezy, Driest In The South And East

Today will see a band of rain clear south-eastwards across England, followed by sunny spells but also blustery heavy and perhaps thundery showers across the north and northwest. The eastern side of Britain looks to stay dry tomorrow, while cloudy and patchy rain spreads into western areas. The weekend is looking often cloudy for many, with some patchy rain in the north and west on Saturday, while on Sunday ex- subtropical storm Ernesto will move across the north on Sunday, bringing heavy rain across the north. However, it will be mostly dry, bright, warm and humid across southern and eastern areas of England.


For now, a band of heavy rain stretching northeast from the central southern and southwest England up to the east coast is bringing a wet commute for some this morning. Grey and breezy ahead of the rain across the far south, but to the north of the rain band there is plenty of sunshine this morning across northern and western areas, but there are some heavy showers packing in across western Scotland and NW Ireland.

The band of rain along a cold front across England will continue to spread southeast across SE England and East Anglia through the morning, bringing a spell of heavy rain, taking its time to reach Kent and eastern East Anglia, the rain eventually clearing the far southeast early evening. Elsewhere, fresher with sunny spells following but also a scattering of blustery showers becoming more widespread across northern and western areas, perhaps heavy and thundery across Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Temperatures this afternoon reaching 16-19C across Scotland and Northern Ireland, 19-22C across England and Wales where we see the sunshine, 18-19C under the cloud and rain in the southeast. Breezy for all, gusty winds across the north – especially as showers pass through.

Mostly dry with clear skies developing tonight across England, Wales and eastern Scotland, scattered blustery showers continuing across western Scotland, Northern Ireland and western coasts further south.


After a bright start first thing, soon clouding over across northern and western areas – with patchy outbreaks of rain spreading east across western Scotland, N. Ireland, northwest England and Wales – turning heavy across the northwest. Staying mostly dry across the Midlands, southeast and eastern England – sunny in the morning, but tending to cloud over from the west through the afternoon. Temperatures reaching 15-18C in the cloudier north and west in the afternoon, 19-23C in the sunnier south and east of England. Increasingly windy through the day, particularly in the north, where we could see gales over exposed coasts and hills.


Windy in the north on Saturday, a trailing front will bring further outbreaks of rain across southern Scotland, far north of England and N. Ireland, showers to the north over northern Scotland. To the south of the front generally rather cloudy with drizzle or light rain over western hills and coasts, however across southern and eastern England we should see some bright or sunny spells – where it will feel rather warm and humid – perhaps reaching 23-26C, elsewhere reaching 17-21C.


The remnants of ex-subtropical storm Ernesto will arrive as a compact area of low pressure across Ireland Saturday night, before moving east across northern Britain during Sunday, bringing outbreaks of heavy rain, particularly over western hills, the rain clearing in the afternoon. Further south, often cloudy with some patchy rain across the west, some bright or sunny spells in the southeast where it will be warmer on Sunday.

Next week

Next week, a strong westerly jet stream will be close by, across the north initially, but dipping south at times, so the weather continuing changeable and breezy with rain at times, particularly in the north, tending to be driest and warmer in the south and east of England.

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