It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Summer

18th May 2018 10:36

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Summer

Ok, it's not quite Summer yet, but the sun's out, temperatures are on the rise and by early next week, some thundery showers look likely to kick off - British summer in a nutshell. 

For today, it's been a chilly start again but temperatures will make their way up toward the high teens for many of us by this afternoon. From tomorrow onwards, the daily highs will be heading initially into the low twenties, then the mid-twenties by Monday and that extra bit of heat is what is going to help to increase the risk of some sharp showers and storms, with the risk increasing into Monday and Tuesday.

Temperatures into the low-twenties on Saturday

Another tradition, when it comes to summery weather in the UK, is that not everywhere gets to see it, and this time is no different with the northwest of Scotland and Northern Ireland getting to enjoy more cloud and even some rain at times, especially into Sunday. As winds start to turn more into the east later on this weekend, it may also be that some eastern coastal regions end up with cloudier skies and cooler temperatures as a result. 

Along with the settled, sunny weather through much of this week, the cold starts have been a feature, and there's one more of those to come tonight, with perhaps a touch of frost here and there. But then, they'll just become a little milder later into the weekend and into next week - still dropping into single figures in many parts to allow for a comfortable nights sleep, but potentially becoming quite warm and sticky in the south by Monday night.

It is, of course, a Royal Wedding weekend, and Jo's has headed out to Markle to bring us a special weekend forecast with a royal flavour.

The other big event this weekend is the FA cup final, and that's going to be bang on tradition as well with lots of warm sunshine on Saturday evening - cue cramps in the 80th minute and extra time at walking pace if it makes it that far. 

Weather Forecast for Wembley Stadium

Sunday then brings a very similar day for the majority of the country, so plenty more sunshine and temperatures not too different to Saturday's. The northwest of Scotland, along with the western half of Ireland and a good part of Northern Ireland will see some showery rain arriving through the day. With the cloud associated with that spreading a little way southeast just to scupper the sunny skies a little. 

Cloud and rain in the northwest on Sunday

The start of next week brings an increase in temperatures toward the mid-twenties and with that the increased chance of some thundery downpours. Not all will catch one, and the majority look likely to affect the south and southeast of the country with plenty of sunny, dry weather to come away from them.

Monday weather

Beyond that, the pattern may well become established for much of the week, with plenty of fine, very warm weather. But with thundery showers often a risk further south, some low cloud affecting eastern coasts at times, and the chance of the odd weather front getting close enough to the far northwest to bring extra cloud and perhaps some rain. 

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