Wobbly start to the week, windy Tuesday then warmer, finally

16th April 2018 08:45

Wobbly start to the week, windy Tuesday then warmer, finally

It’s getting warmer this week. If you are back to school today, teacher, parent, student then, of course, the weather is improving! Winter has been long, cold and very wet with spring struggling to get going. There have been bursts recently of sunshine and fine weather but this week we will see temperatures into the 20s Celsius, mid 20s for some. It will feel like the seasons are truly shifting and London could see 25C (77F)

We’ll have to wait until midweek for this warmth to really take hold. At the moment, there is a huge area of low pressure taking up much of the Northern Atlantic. This will be held at bay by a High pressure which builds over Germany and Poland and will bring settled fine weather to the UK.

Today we have the remnants of a different area of low pressure over us. Fading fronts bringing some cloud and there is showery rain for Scotland

a few showery bits over Scotland this morning. Radar picture

There is already fair weather over England and Wales this will continue today. Scotland and the far north of England will improve through this morning with the cloud and damp weather lifting to brighter skies. The wind off the North Sea finally veers to a SW’ly and will freshen for western Britain. Temperatures will reach 12 to 16C. For Northern Ireland, after a fine morning, cloud will increase this afternoon as the winds pick up. Patchy rain will arrive from the west later as southerly winds strengthen. All this from the frontal bands from the large Atlantic low pressure. Temperatures will only reach 10 or 11C.

brisk south winds for Ireland. Temps today 10 to 16C

It will become windy for Ireland and western Britain this evening with strong southerly winds even gales in parts, west coast of Scotland looking prone. Gusts over 60mph and the strong winds move over more of northern Britain tonight. The rain will be across Ireland, moving over Scotland and later reach across the Irish Sea to Wales and Cumbria.

Tuesday starts off mild, blustery with a frontal band of rain from Scotland over the Isle of Man down into the Celtic Sea. SE Britain will have a fine morning with central and NE England seeing more cloud but still fair and bright. Temperatures in the mid-teens, up to 18C. The rain band struggles to edge SE but there will be more rain for Wales, SW England and NW England into the Peak District. Behind the front, there will be brighter skies for Scotland and Northern Ireland with lots of showers breaking out.

Bands of cloud remain but the rain fades during Tuesday night as the high’s influence extends.

By Wednesday, low pressure is forecast to skirt around the European high and bring a spell of wet and windy weather to Ireland then western and northern Scotland. The rest of Britain will be under fine, sunny conditions with a south to SE breeze. It will feel warmer, with temperatures in the high teens and low to mid-twenties Celsius.

Wednesday warmth 24C in London, high teens low 20s C

Thursday looks lovely for much of the UK, fine, bright with warm sunshine. Temperatures in SE Britain up a touch 25C possible and much of England up to 21C (70F). Inland Wales also around 20C and parts of Scotland (away from NW) could reach 19C. The winds will be lighter adding to the pleasant day with just pockets of cloud and light rain around western Scotland and the Northern Isles.

For now there looks to be a lot of fine, bright weather about with light winds, sunshine and warmth (warmest for SE Britain, cooler for northern Scotland and a bit of a breeze off the North Sea could return by the weekend) Cloud and light rain could trouble NW Scotland a fair bit and maybe a few showery bits could be sparked off around the West Country and over Wales from an old frontal weakness. However, overall it is looking more promising, at last. 

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