PyeongChang 2018  - Chill for Winter Olympics Opening ceremony in South Korea
Blog by Jo Farrow
6th February 2018 09:24

PyeongChang 2018 - Chill for Winter Olympics Opening ceremony in South Korea

The winter Olympics starts on Wednesday in South Korea with the opening ceremony taking place on Friday in PyeongChang. As you might expect for a competition based on snow and ice, it will be cold, but it is looking really cold with extra preparations for spectators and dignitaries.

The open-air ceremony will be in the Olympic stadium which has had winds shields put in place to protect spectators from the bitter winds. The time difference from the UK is GMT +9 hours, and just before dawn on Tuesday the temperature was -19C with hardly any wind and clear skies.

It is usual for temperatures to fall well below freezing overnight and struggle to get much above freezing at this time of year in the region. Airflow often comes across from eastern Siberia.

The IOC (International Olympic Committee) spokesperson Mark Adams said at the weekend that people coming to watch the winter Olympics opening ceremony should “wrap up and prepare properly”

40 portable gas heaters would be between the aisles and there would be 18 heat rest areas. Organisers have said that they would provide a rain coat, a small blanket, a winter cap, heating packs for heat and feet and a heating pad to sit on.

The Luge, Biathlon, and ski jumping all start on Wednesday. Olympic coverage on BBC and Eurosport. Follow @TeamGB for news about the Great Britain and Northern Ireland Olympic Team, run by the British Olympic Association. @pyeongchang2018 

The event runs from 9th - 25th February and  GB&NI will send out its largest team ever with 59 athletes. Get ready for some daytime viewing.

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