Issued: 24th January 2016 10:19

Very Mild Sunday, Wet & Windy For The Week Ahead

The snow is now easing across mid-Atlantic states of eastern U.S. which have seen up to 40 inches (102cm) from the blizzard that has raged through Saturday. The low pressure system that brought the record snowfall is now moving out into the NW Atlantic, but temperatures will remain below freezing for Sunday.This same system will hitch a ride on the jet stream with a one-way ticket towards the UK, but by the time this deep low pressure system passes to the NW of the UK on Tuesday, it will bring mild southwesterly winds, and rain.

Animation of the USA storm heading across the Atlantic
In the meantime, the weather this side of the Atlantic is in complete contrast fo the cold and snow conditions over eastern U.S, with exceptionally mild conditions for late January expected for Sunday across the UK.

So it’s a mild, murky and damp start for Sunday, with overcast conditions and bits and pieces of light rain or drizzle across England and Wales, with more persistent outbreaks of rain across Scotland. It’s also very mild to start the day, with temperatures widely in double figures away from NE Scotland and as high as 14C at 8am across the west in some spots. For the rest of the day, rain will clear northeastward from Scotland, but it will remain generally cloudy, with fog and drizzle affecting southern and western coasts and hills. However, some brightness should hopefully develop to the east of high ground , so the east of the Welsh mountains, east of the Pennines and eastern Scotland. Where the cloud does break to allow some brightness or sunshine, we could see temperatures reach 15 or 16C. otherwise, temperatures widely reaching 12-14C.

Sunday temperatures
Sunday night will see thicker cloud across Ireland, N. Ireland and Scotland, bringing patchy rain through much of the night. Drier across most of England and Wales, with some clearer spells developing towards eastern England. Very mild overnight in the southerly wind.

Then for Monday, southern, central and eastern areas of England should stay mostly dry and bright during daylight, with some bright or sunny spells. However, a frontal system edging in from the west will bring cloud and outbreaks of rain to Ireland, N. Ireland, Scotland and eventually Wales and NW England – accompanied by a strong south to southwesterly wind.

Weather front in the northwest on Monday
Very mild again, temperatures reaching 12-14C widely.

On Tuesday, the same low pressure system that brought blizzards to eastern U.S. arrives to the NW of Britain, not bringing snow but wind, rain and mild air with gales across the northwest.

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Deep low pressure on Tuesday
Once this system moves away northeast, another low moves in hot on its heels for Wednesday, bringing more wind and rain. So this further rainfall could start becoming a flooding concern.

Colder air flirts with the north later on Wednesday and into Thursday once the rain clears south, with wintry showers for Scotland. The weather remains disturbed across all parts for the rest of the week, with wind and rain at times.

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